Verstappen “not happy” with Red Bull

Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen revealed yesterday that he can’t understand the strategy decision of his team in Monaco and that he’s “honestly still not happy about it.”

During Monaco two weeks ago, Red Bull pit wall decided to pit Max ahead of team mate Daniel Ricciardo – thus suffering a similar fate to the then race leader Kimi Raikkonen who subsequently lost the lead.

Normally the driver who is ahead of their team mate enjoys the chance to pit first, ‘undercutting’ the others and getting onto fresh rubber. Usually this means they might leap frog the car ahead or at least retain their position within the race but not at Monaco last time out. Those that did pit early lost track position and suffered in traffic so staying out or the ‘overcut’ was the better strategy on the day.

Indeed Max Verstappen’s team mate not only passed him in the race but made up places enough to finish on the podium with Max finishing only 5th.

The anger was still to be heard by the ambitious Dutchman during the race. On the radio, he complained loudly and described the situation after the stop as a ‘fucking major disaster’.

His anger has not yet vanished, as in the Montreal paddock, Verstappen reveals that “I am honestly still not happy about it. But we can’t change it now so I did not think too much about the Monaco GP. I really enjoyed the time with my friends and relatives, and now we are here to do a better job. ”

When asked if he saw a logic behind his team’s strategy decision, he said, “It’s very difficult for me to see if the strategy works, because I do not know what’s going on behind me and who is going to the pits. I simply follow the instructions of the team. But honestly, I have made up my mind, not to ponder. For me this is done. ”

“This circuit [Canada] is not the best for us, Monaco certainly fit better. But we will have some good things in the car, further developments that will hopefully help us to further improve the car.

“But of course we still lack speed on the straights. This is the case all season and we can not change this. We can only try to be there when it matters, and maybe we’ll be on top, you never know, ”

Free practice starts today at 3pm (BST) and 7pm (BST).

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  1. Max seems to forget that his maiden F1 win came thanks to a strategy call that cost Ricciardo the victory.
    That said, the pace difference between ultra softs and super softs was so large that I can’t believe the strategists got it wrong…

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