Ricciardo misfortune benefits Verstappen

Daniel Ricciardo ended his race in Sochi on the fifth lap having told his team about a smoke coming from the brakes of the rear wheel, the Australian was then promptly ordered to his pit box.

His crew had to use the fire extinguisher to put out the flames on the rear wheel thus finishing the race prematurely. Team mate Max Verstappen also complained about his brakes during the race, but managed to finish fifth having moving the brake bias forward after receiving an instruction from the pit wall.

The good Doctor Helmet Marko explains; “The brake defect arose because we needed it to go to it’s limit; the surrounding rim temperature in the rear tyre got too hot”

A worrying situation for the team, rear tyres running this hot could be a fundamental problem inherent in the RB13 at a cost of their brake reliability. A lack of cooling has been a trait of Red Bull’s designer Adrian Newey in the past when seeking marginal gains.

“The brakes are getting too hot and we couldn’t see that on the data in time, otherwise we would have told him to put the brake bias immediately forward, just as we did with Max,”

So the ever fortunate Max Verstappen benefitted somewhat by the misfortune of his Australian team mate’s demise.

Unusually it seems that Red Bull are struggling with their peripheral car parts. In the past engine supplier Renault were the focus of their reliability complaints. It’s clear from Verstappen’s water pump issues that Red bull are not on top form in 2017 as both water and fuel pumps are manufactured in Milton Keynes and Toro Rosso experienced similar issues with their shared parts.

Red Bull’s chances of crowning either Daniel or Max with the Drivers Title looks set to be a fading dream in 2017.



19 responses to “Ricciardo misfortune benefits Verstappen

  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsboth have had their share of issue’s. Max brake problems in bahrein. Qualifying in Russia where RBR found that the floor of the car was actually loose, witch Comprimised his Qualifying in Q3. Daniel has a lead in Qualifying 3 – 1. althoug 2-2 would be possible if in china Max did not have a broken sparkplug or two. As for the races… Max passed him 3 times. 1 time in china and 2 times at the Start in Bahrein and Sotchi and was not pressured until either he had to stop or Daniel had to stop te car. So where excatly did Max benefit?

  2. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.js“So the ever fortunate Max Verstappen” – Sorry, have you forgotten the brake failure in Bahrein the race before? After a great start he was chasing the leaders but had a brake failure and had to retire, also not so fortunate I would say…

  3. Did Red Bull start making their own water pump after the Renault ones had reliability issues a couple of years ago? Red Bull defiantly are not on their usual form. Even when their PU was bad they got the rest of things right. This year it seems like they have errors in their correlation between computer models, scale wind tunnel and track data. Plus lots of almost rookie issues like brakes overheating and no telemetry telling them that!!!!
    Have they lost some key staff?

  4. I reckon the great start that Max got in Sochi was pure luck. After a slow get away, Lewis was occupied on his left pushing Dan to the outside. Meanwhile Max just slipped into the gaping hole on the inside. Jammy git.

    “Ever fortunate” indeed.

    • thought Max did well myself, could have gotten greedy into turn 2 but showed a cool head. he does seem quite adept at the old lap 1 juggle, its not all about the initial getaway…although it helps to at least get going (sigh, reference to regular lap 1 magician Alonso’s disappointing failure to gain any positions on the opening lap in Russia 🙁 )

  5. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsThe author of this acticle does not know what he is talking about.
    First of all, why on earth would Max benefit from Daniel not finishing the race??? Max alright passed him on the first lap, remember? Second of all, ever fortunate? Max had the same as Daniel last race, and in this race Max had to move his brake balance, tune down the engine near the end of the race, and his waterpump was screwed just before the last. Oh how lucky.
    Judge13, you know nothing. Go talk football or something

    • Max benefitted from advice given to him based on Daniels brakes failing. The over heating wasn’t apparent on the telemetry and he was told to take the brake bias forward, saving his rears.

      Also, Max is fortunate to be where he is at his tender age. It was a generalisation

      Would you like me to explain the offside rule now? 😉

      • I think football might be more your area, so please go ahead 😉 You still make no sense though, sorry. Max had the same issue last race, did not finish and he is lucky?? Sorry this is just a fail article.

        • Hey Robsel, take it easy mate, it is just an article, with a specific point of view, it is allowed. You don’t have to make it personal and bash the writer of every article that does not correspond with your view. Freedom of thought, and opinion, remember? It is in your constitution, or at least I hope it is. Have a look at the response of A.Vos, much more effective and to the point don’t you think?

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