Rate the Race: 2017 Russian Grand Prix

How would you rate the 2017 Russian GP? Please use the comments section to tell us why you voted the way you did.

15 responses to “Rate the Race: 2017 Russian Grand Prix

  1. 2. But only because of the first lap and a couple at the end. Otherwise it would’ve been worse.

  2. One wonders if that Chase Carey character has the cajones to tell Vlad his race sucks der’mo and the circus ain’t coming back to town.

    There was less pasing than even a badly organised conga line.

    Dire is too small a word…

    • To be fair, the track was simply laid around the 2014 Winter Olympics building in Sochi. I have got to say though that this track is not bad. It’s not great either, but it is also not bad. It keeps producing a very good race every other season, so the next year I hope it will give us a good race, like it gave in 2015.

  3. Ok race, but nothing special. No significant wheel to wheel battles after the first lap. It probably deserved 5/10 at best.

  4. Gave race a 3 rating. Extremely boring no action save for the opening lap fracas and the final laps. Other cars were miles apart save for the lead duo. Even the TV cameras were at a loss to film something.

  5. I found a channel which was broadcasting a documentary about sloths, and it was more interesting and had more action than this race.

  6. was there a race? following the leader thing it was, no one could do anything to anyone. disappointing indeed. p.s. can someone explain to me why ALO DNS was classified above PAL and GRO DNF ?

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