Rate the Race: 2017 Chinese Grand Prix

How would you rate the 2017 Chinese GP? Please use the comments section to tell us why you voted the way you did.


11 responses to “Rate the Race: 2017 Chinese Grand Prix

  1. First 20 mins there was no racing just safety car varieties , no overtaking or attempts at overtaking either . I’m frustrated with undercutting and overcutting cause it clearly states that it’s all gifts be done in the pits via tyres that dont cut it one way or another !! Shockingly this year’s better than last year and the race brightened up in the middle . Kimi blocking vettel whilst being blocked by Riccardo for 20 laps said it all , whilst vettel getting past both in 2 laps said the rest . An ok race imo

    • If pirelli soften future tyre allocation a bit, we might be spared that passing in the pits thing

  2. Even when the safety car robbed us from a race for p1(which can happen sometimes, but that too is racing), I was entertained througout the whole race.
    Overtakes may be less and harder to perform but when they happen theyre beautiful and balsy.

  3. I gave it an 8. I liked the balance of tension and action and I also enjoyed how the DRS helped the drivers keep up without granting them easy drive byes.

    I think it might have been a better race if Ferrari had been more agressive with Raikkonen and given him new tyres at least some ten laps before. That’s one real problem we rarely mention, the top teams are all incredibly conservative when it comes to the differences in strategies between their pair of drivers. He could hve been a much greater factor in the race.

  4. A perfect example of why banning testing is a bad idea. Giovinazzi as a reserve driver has shown he’s not ready to drive in F1. I suspect that’s the case for every reserve driver.

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