Driver of the weekend: 2017 Chinese Grand Prix


Who was your driver of the 2017 Chinese GP weekend? This takes into account the whole weekend, not just the race. Please use the comments section below to tell us why you voted the way you did.

20 responses to “Driver of the weekend: 2017 Chinese Grand Prix

    • Stroll cut the corner with a Force India on the inside, he did it himself the Force India wasn’t to blame!

  1. Wtf, the verstappen brigade taking over the poll once again when it’s obvious that Sainz is where the vote should go

    • Lol!!!
      Yeah going wide in T1, spinning in T2 and kissing the wall while going off road!

      It was a brave move to start on slicks and it paid off. But besides the battle with Alonso I didn’t see much of him.

  2. I thought Max rather blotted his copybook by having a seemingly endless cry about the Haas a hundred metres up the road affecting his car in the dying stages. I thought that was a bit limp-wristed. Driving so well while crying like a baby is impressive in it’s own way though.

    An amazing run through traffic early – he just needed to HTFU at the end.

  3. Sainz. Simply for being the only one outside of the top three teams not to get lapped.

    • Sainz did plant his car in the wall after spinning and he gained nothing with his slick start as he changed for a new set during the safety car like most of the other drivers.

      He gained 4 places from qualifying 11th to 7th in the race, he ‘overtook’ Stroll (DNF), Kvyat (DNF), Hulkenberg (double penalty) and Massa who we all know goes bananas once a track gets damp.

      The Toro Rosso is a very capable car as was shown by Kvyat in Melbourne before he had to make an extra stop due to some pressure issues.

      So yeah, descent race but apart from starting on slicks nothing to raise an eyebrow for, definitely not driver of the day/weekend.

  4. It has to be Sainz or so because I hate Verstappen making my favorite driver look like a rookie…

  5. Having trouble understanding why Massa is 2nd at present in the vote. Case to be made for Max, Lewis, Sainz, & Seb. Massa went backwards.???

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