Newey baffled by Ferrari technical detail

Brought to you by TJ13 Forensics contributer Joao Lamberio

Ferrari have a ton of pressure on their shoulders for 2017, and Sergio Marchionne will not abide another year without a proper challenge to the Silver Arrows.
The SF70H represents Tifosi hopes, and from the early running it’s looking very promising.

The lower wider stance certainly gives the car an air of menace, topped off by the very sinister looking sidepod inlets. Reminiscent of a Cylon Command Centurion mask, the sidepods have drawn comments from non other than Adrian Newey himself, saying he was still trying to “work out” what Ferrari were doing.
Indeed, the car looks well developed from the off with clever details around the diffuser and barge-board areas.

This distracts from the cars increased rake, an order of magnitude higher than it was last year. This is mainly due to the far shorter tea tray, allowing the rear to be raised. Interesting is that Ferrari have asked for clarification on the complex suspensions used by Red Bull and Mercedes.

This writer posits that Ferrari had issues in reducing the rear end ride height of the car to reduce drag, using traditional suspension methodology and not the complex hydraulic arrangements found on the Mercedes and Red Bull.
In doing so, Ferrari may have worked out Red Bull’s solution and asked the FIA for the clarification.

The implications here are that if found to be legitimate, Ferrari could replicate much of Red Bull’s down force prowess.Conversely, if not Red Bull could well be hampered by such a ruling. With Mercedes largely unaffected, as their system was only used for a few races of 2016.

Allied to the increased rake of the SF70H, the car appears to have neat array of aerodynamic ideas around the barge-board area. The air flow manipulation clearly trying to utilise the floor and tighter rear “coke bottle” shape, which is more lithe than 2016’s car.
Ferrari are persisting with the thumb nose ethos of previous cars, which is an inelegant interpretation of the rules compared to the likes of Mercedes or even Torro Rosso.

Judging by the early going at Barcelona, Ferrari are definitely in the mix for podiums and race victories. Ferrari are keeping to their programme of mainly running on the medium compound tyre, and have thus far refused to go for headline lap times. The car is reliable and quick, qualities Ferrari will need to mount a challenge to Mercedes.

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16 responses to “Newey baffled by Ferrari technical detail

  1. Definitely feel Ferrari will be pushing Mercedes hard this year! The car has looked unbreakable over testing so far.

  2. I seem to remember reading some Golden rule that the uglier and busier the car, the less efficient it is. If testing is anything to go by, there are true exceptions!

  3. The rear of the car looks very tidy, the front is very busy, but perhaps for good reason?

  4. Good piece Joao! Perhaps you could’ve included a side pic of the Ferrari to show its rake? And the Red Bull one. I’ve noticed that the rake has increased on every car, this year.
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  5. Dya know the last time Newey was baffled by Ferrari?

    Any time Ferrari rolled out a car post 2000 whilst he was at Mclaren.

    Maybe it’s a good omen…

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  7. Keep calm. Let’s keep calm. Around this time last year the SF16 looked good too and it should have won at least 3 times. Then some gremlins hit hard followed by family tragedy and development ground to a screeching stop. The others moved on with development, except the Ferrari. Not sure if even Allison himself could have turned it around. But hearing new technical boss, Mattia Binotto, it is clear they know where the problem was. He said : The winner will be the one who can develop the car for as long as possible. On the other hand this car is a hybrid beginning with Allison but ending with Resta/Byrne. I am sure Rory got the upper hand as soon as James left. The Italian press revealed that these last 2 guys didn’t see eye to eye very much. This could be the reason why Rory’s input of the last few years (as a luxury consultant) wasn’t really visible.

  8. I like there being different approaches and interpretations of the new rules. Stupid race spoiling rules, but this is a nice effect.

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