Prost: F1 needs to be like Formula E

During the launch of Renault’s 2017 challenger- the RS17, another associate from France was presented as their special adviser to the Enstone based team.

The 61 year old 4 time world champion from Saint-Chamond, close to the city of Lyon, has been given the role for the 2017 season and was keen to give praise to the new car’s potential.

“We needed a new era. These cars will be very impressive. I hope they will bring new and young audiences, ” said Prost.

The role will be that of a non executive one, a strategic adviser for Renault “to find the best strategy for the future”. His recent involvement with the Championship winning Renault eDAMS team competing in Formula E has certainly raised his reputation for effective advisory abilities in the eyes of the French manufacturer. Prost confirmed that he will be in Barcelona on the 27th February. “I’m curious what the drivers will say after a few laps with the fast corners,”

Looking at the sport in general, Prost reveals a positive opinion that Ross Brawn is now heading up the sports future direction under new owners, Liberty Media.

“At the moment it is difficult to talk about the vision, We have a new owner. But the fact that the teams will now work with Ross Brawn is a plus”

Prost also makes clear his opinion on what’s required “We need more than a vision. We need two objectives. We have to attract spectators, especially young people. For this, we need more interactivity, and this is more or less comparable to what we do in Formula E. And it must be more human. There are more people interested in drivers than in technology. “

A fair argument could be put forward that the racing is superior in Formula E than F1, with their low aero, low grip rules.

2 responses to “Prost: F1 needs to be like Formula E

  1. Remarkable… Bernie Ecclestone’s leech like grip of F1 has convinced everyone that F1 is the property of new owners. It isn’t.

    The TV rights have been bought by Liberty and whilst Ross Brawn speaks of little changes and new plans, everyone’s forgotten that the FIA run F1. Nothing will change without this French dinosaur organisation working towards it.

    As to Prost… he showed his true colours when his son tried killing Heidfeld in the first ever Formula. E race. As pathetic as Prost at Suzuka 1989 – only without the corrupt Balestre backing them up.

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