How the Manor 2017 would’ve looked


With all the speculation for 2017 rules, it was bittersweet to see the Manor wind tunnel model in their farewell photo last week.

Sad to see the much liked team finally disappear but also exciting to see a true representation of how F1 will look this season.

Many fans online have made some sketches and mockups of the 2017 Manor but this one is perhaps the best looking. Reddit user TorbenRT  is not a professional artist, or indeed professes to have any technical drawing ability but most fans are in agreement that his rendering of the Manor 2017 car is rather nice looking.

I saw some redditors in other threads wondering what the mock-up of Manor’s never-to-be challenger for 2017 would look like with their current livery. I’m not a professional artist and lack the ability to properly draw single lines (or proper perspective), so I went for the ‘sketch’ approach.

I tried to stick as close to the mock-up as I could, but had to improvise since not everything was entirely visible on the released pictures. For instance, the rear of the car is something I could only guess. Same goes for the livery: tried to highlight the parts on the front wing we could see by making them either red or blue.

If anything’s off on the car: I’m not a technical person, especially regarding aerodynamics and modelling. But feedback is always appreciated, and let’s hope the 2017 will be amazing, even without Manor.



Lets hope the rest of the field will be as aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Renault teased us with the nose of their 2017 machine and unfortunately it appears we still have phallic appendages this coming season.


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