Ugly ‘penis’ noses for 2017

phallic-f1The rule makers truly are cocking up F1, for 2014 we saw some pretty hideous nose appendages as illustrated in the picture above – kickstarting the kneejerk rule change reaction we now have for 2017.

Well I’m afraid to say it seems we haven’t learnt our lessons as proven by Renault’s ‘teaser’ picture posted on their instagram.

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Save the date 😉

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Although arguably more girthy than the 2014 examples, it certainly shows that we haven’t completely eradicated this practice from F1. Fans were crying out for good looking, aggressive F1 machinery – probably at the cost of on track action, could this be what we end up with down the entire grid?

We will find out soon enough.

In the meantime, lets look at the car F1 fans almost universally wanted to see in 2017.

Jordan 191

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  1. Alas I think you will find the noses aesthetically pleasing, and you shouldn’t base assumptions on one ‘teaser’ picture, from only one of the ten teams that will be running in F1 in 2017

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