Manor-vr and out

Manor will not be on the 2017 grid.  Administrators just released information that they are pulling the plug. Today the other Manor entities were informed that Jus Racing Services Limited will be liquidated.

“It is deeply regrettable that the team has had to cease trading and close its doors,” commented Geoff Rowley, administrator at FRP Advisory.

“Manor is a great name in British motorsport and the team has achieved a great deal over the past two years, invigorated under new ownership.”

“The administration process provided a moratorium to allow for attempts to secure a long term viable solution for the team within in a very limited time-frame but sadly no solution could be achieved to allow for the business to continue in its current form within what was a very tight time-frame.”

This means the end for the 212 employees of JSRL. They are now out of a job.

Never say never, we have learned the passed season when comparable situations arised. However, Manor future looks bleak. Is it really Manor-vr and out? TheJudge13 hopes went up with new F1 managements remarks about being more just for smaller teams. Could we expect a helping hand?

Manor was the last remaining “new” team which entered the grid in 2010 alongside HRT and Caterham. Both other teams had to fold earlier for similar problems. Manor entered the field as Virgin Racing and was later renamed Marussia F1 before returning to the name MRT (Manor Racing Team)

Manor team members were disappointed, but did publish some photo’s of the 2017 model on the internet.

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  1. I guess the Indonesians didn’t have enough chicken feed eh.😝And what happened to Helmond? 🌮

    • That actually is a good question. Hellmund and his father were good mates of Bernie. Did they feel things were coming to an end? Did Bernie warn them?

      Indonesians: well, I am not letting this spoil my appetite for a good satay ayam…

      • Which pretty much ends the speculation that Helmund was simply acting as a front for Slim. Which also means we’ll never see Estaban Gutierrez in f1 ever again.👍 👏

    • Just goes to show that any proposed investment from the far east should be treated with extreme scepticism until it happens. I recall that ‘Quantum’ were going to buy into Lotus a few years ago and after multiple assurances it came to noothing. Anyway Manor have let all their employees down badly. Lets face it they had a better power unit than Red Bull, Ferrari, Torro Rosso, McLaren, Hass, Sauber and Renault and failed to get more than one single point. With that power unit they should have scored a point or two several times so their car must have been very poor. I feel bad for their staff and I will not be switching my domestic energy to OVO thank you very much!

  2. Who cares. Another footnote in the dung pile of F1.

    I watched Manor compete over years in British motorsport. This wasn’t them. Teams come teams go, it happens.

    I feel for the 212 employees but I don’t think they’ll be too long without work. After all F1 is a rarefied field these days

    • As far as I’m concerned the only reason anyone would buy Manor is as an asset play. Buy it now for pennies on the dollar / pound and hope that Liberty reorganize the F1 payout schedule and sell it in a year as Manor would have “stable” funding. Other than that the team is dead.

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