“Rosberg was the toughest team mate Schumacher ever had”

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Summarised F1 news from across the internet: 6th December 2016

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Rosberg was the toughest team mate Schumacher ever had – Stefan Johansson

“It isn’t as if he [Nico] hasn’t been tested. Look back to what he did while Michael was in the team. He made Michael look pretty average overall. Looking back now, Nico is probably the toughest teammate Michael ever had, certainly a lot more competitive than Eddie Irvine or Rubens Barrichello ever were.


I’d say most people have underestimated how good Nico really is. Let’s not forget that Lewis is already the second most winning driver in F1 history, and to be basically on even par with him every weekend is definitely not something that just any driver would be capable of doing.

I also feel that maybe this was Nico’s way of finally sticking it to Lewis as he won’t be there to defend the title. In 2016 he was the best driver in the world, he rose to the occasion and had a string of very strong races midseason which effectively built the foundation for the Championship, when Lewis then retired in Malaysia all he had to do was drive intelligently without getting into it with Lewis every race like he was forced to do every time before that.

It took him two years to figure out how to deal with that, starting with that race in 2014 in Bahrain where Lewis sort of moved the goal post and showed what he was prepared to do to win, team mate or not. I think it caught Nico by surprise and you could tell after that in both 2014 and 2015 he was not comfortable going to the length he had to do to either defend or attack against Lewis, and as such, we saw some moves that weren’t going to stick and Lewis generally seemed to come out on top. 2016 was different however, he changed his strategy and it worked out.

I can sympathise 100% that it must have been difficult if it doesn’t come natural to you.”



Bill Burr’s take on Rosberg’s retirement

Warning this is NSFW due to the gratuitous swearing but it is outstandingly hilarious. Thoughts on Rosberg is 6mins in.


Which of Paul Ricard’s 167 tracks should F1 use?

Formula 1 races have been held on two different versions of the track before. The original 5.8km (3.6-mile) track used was until 1985 and after that a shortened 3.8km (2.4-mile) version held the French race until 1990.

The circuit has been extensively renovated since F1’s last race there in 1990 and now boasts a staggering 167 different configurations.

A race could be held on a different variation of the track every season until the year 2180 – so far into the dim and distant future it’s possible Bernie Ecclestone may no longer be with us by then.

But which one? Here’s a few of the more likely and interesting options.

1A – 5.752km

1A – 5.752km

1C-V2 – 5.842km

1C-V2 – 5.842km

3A – 3.793km

3A – 3.793km

Read more details on the different configurations at F1Fanatic.co.uk


1990 French Grand Prix



12 responses to ““Rosberg was the toughest team mate Schumacher ever had”

  1. It’s great to see Billy Fanta-pants cop a mention here. His podcasts have been making my daily commute more bearable for quite some time now.

    Deffo need headphones though. And get used to people looking at you funny when you’re giggling to yourself.

    • Is there also a transcript available?
      I’m too impatient for listening to someone talking, because I read the same content at least twice as fast.

      • It’s not the kind of thing to have a transcript. Nothing he says is worth preserving.

        It’s just an ignorant, loud-mouth yank running his yap about whatever takes his fancy. Don’t bother of you are looking any kind of insight. He gets a not confused – Kiki Lauda says Nico made MB look stupid.

  2. “Nico is probably the toughest teammate Michael ever had, certainly a lot more competitive than Eddie Irvine or Rubens Barrichello ever were.”

    As much as I respect Rosberg – beating a 42 year old driver who had been out of F1 for 3 years isn’t a great accomplishment, even if it is Schumacher. Stirling Moss said in 2010 that Schumacher was “past it”, and he was probably right.

  3. Any of those three layouts for Paul Ricard would be fine.
    I prefer the first, but even the shorter one would work. Such a short lap would also lead to more intense traffic and possibly more excitement. Whichever layout becomes adopted, they should never ever mess with Signes.

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