F1 fans split on Hamilton


This week, TJ13 put two polls asking the Jury their verdict on Lewis Hamilton’s actions in Abu Dhabi and here are the results.

The first question posed: Was Lewis right to back up the pack?


We had well over 1000 votes in 12 hours on this and it seems the majority of our readers agreed with his tactics in attempting to back Nico into the clutches of Sebastian and Max.

The second question posed: Should Mercedes discipline Lewis?


Rather interestingly, we see that our Jury then thought he should be punished for the actions with a slight majority in favour of disciplining Lewis. Admittedly, these two polls were posted on different days but it also proves that most F1 fans are very much split on Lewis.

The same could probably be said for Lewis in general.

16 responses to “F1 fans split on Hamilton

  1. I think it is easy to mix the relevant questions:
    Was Lewis right to back Nico up? I think that was his job as a driver (it is allowed by the FIA)
    Was Lewis right to ignore the team order? No, but he ignored them before and nothing happend – e.g. Budapest
    The tricky one is: what is the right reaction from Wolf/Lauda now

  2. The hate is strong.
    Not a fan of Hamilton, but ffs, the overreaction of Mercedes and fans on all this. Insane.

  3. As for holding Nico up, if it was wrong, against the rules, or anything else along those lines he would have gotten a penalty by F1. Unsafe driving? Penalty….but he didn’t get any of those as he did none of those. It’s up to Mercedes if they won’t to tell him off for not following their orders but I’m sure Lewis would question them as to why it mattered since they’ve already won the Constructors and if they were to have a calm, dignified discussion, I’m sure Mercedes would have much of an answer why they felt the need to not let them race. Now with Rosberg out, I’m even more sure they won’t do anything

  4. Yeah, With A Bit Of Luck, The **Anyone But HAMILTON Brigade** Will Pursue A Desperate Job Just To Find Another Fake rainmeister They Will So Pretend To Be Fans Of, Again.

    Good Luck With That.

    GO, 44 !

  5. The question remains, why did Mercedes issue team orders in the last title deciding race, even though they were already construction champions and the driver’s title was theirs too?
    Now we know the answer, they may be the best at making engines, but trolls at devising strategies. The point is they already knew that this title was assured to Nico and he would retire, probably offering him the vacant Schumacher chair, as a Mercedes ambassador for life. They viewed Lewis’s tactic as a threat to jeopardise their plans, Vestappens racing style was also a threat, so off Toto went to Jos, asking him to calm his son. When we listen to Lewis today, he claims that Nico’s retirement came as no surprise to him…wait a minute, so Lewis was also aware of what was happening behind the scenes?, could it be as early as the first 4 races, or when Nico caused the crash at Spain, pretending he didn’t know what had happened when he did, forcing Lauda to make a statement that Nico made a mistake by selecting the wrong starting mode, or when Nico was investigated about the Panama papers scandal, bringing to light Mercedes involvement with money laundering, then with an attempt to sweep it under the carpet, negotiated a 2 year contract for him with benefits, or was it in Barku or Singapore when he suffered front suspension related issues, compromising his setup and configuration for Q3 and race, so Nico could shine, or was it at Malaysia when he said “someone doesn’t want him to win”, or was it at Japan, when Lewis probably thought, they’ve given me another one of Mark webbers clutch again!
    My bets are, Mercedes has put themselves into this position of managing 2 number one drivers, because of the advantage they had of having such a dominant PU/ Car, it was the only sane thing to do, to keep the season interesting and entertaining to watch. It was certainly a headache for them, and it goes to show how impossible it is in life to favour one and not the other, so now they’ve had enough, back to having a set #1 and maybe a junior #2 driver. Already the Internet is on fire from those who don’t want to see Lewis as a de facto #1 at Mercedes, and those are the ones whom it really pains to say, when Lewis Hamilton is motivated, focused, and on his game, there is nobody in the field that can beat him. Then we wonder why the hate is so strong!

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