Verstappen: “I’m only here to finish first – even second, I don’t care”

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Summarised F1 news from across the internet: 5th November 2016

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After Brazil 2016, Max has been compared to Senna

Verstappen talks Ayrton Senna comparisons

Max Verstappen savours the high praise from his Brazilian Grand Prix performance but says he wants to remain ‘neutral’ reacting to the hype.

The Dutchman starred in treacherous conditions at Interlagos, scything from 14th to third in just 12 laps during the closing stages, an effort that drew adulation across the F1 paddock and prompted comparisons to Senna’s renowned prowess in the wet by Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner.

“It’s nice for sure but it’s also very important to stay neutral about it,” he said. “That was a great race, but it’s finished now and I’m focusing ahead. The day after I was still very happy with the performance, that’s for sure. It was, like I said, very difficult and at the end I was also just very happy to finish the race. The last sector was very difficult to drive, so on the last lap I was very happy that was the last lap of the race.”

Coming into this weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix finale with a shot at snatching fourth place off Sebastian Vettel.

“If I finish fourth it will be a bonus, but if I finish fifth that’s fine for me as well. At the end of the day it doesn’t make a massive difference because I’m only here to finish first – even second, I don’t care.”


OTD Lite: 2006 – ‘Overwhelmed’ Hamilton unveiled to the world

Twenty-one year old Lewis Hamilton was confirmed as Fernando Alonso’s team-mate at McLaren for the following season, despite still not having driven an F1 car.

It was the culmination of a relationship which had started 11 years earlier with a handshake between Ron Dennis and Hamilton.

“We reviewed the grid and, apart from the top three, we reckoned most of them had plateaued,” Dennis said. “I am distinctly unimpressed with the majority of drivers currently involved in F1. I feel Lewis is well equipped to deal with these drivers who fall into that category.”

Hamilton himself admitted he was “overwhelmed”. He added: “It was a surreal feeling. I was sat on a couch opposite Ron at his home. He told me that McLaren had decided to take me on as their new driver. It didn’t kick in. I put on a professional face. I could see Ron was excited. He said I should be, too. Inside I was. But it had been such a long wait. It was a warm feeling knowing the seat was mine. Now I have to get on and prepare.”

The decision to appoint Hamilton was made after Monza in late September but had been kept secret.

Credit: ESPN


From the ED: Who can forget Lewis’s first season in 2007? An incredible display of driving as shown below at Indy.


6 ways Hamilton can win the WDC

Lewis Hamilton knows what it’s like to go into the final race of the season with a shot at winning the championship.

Sunday’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be the fifth time in his nine-year F1 career he’s experienced the pressures of a down-to-the-wire title fight. He’s won some and lost others, but never before has he come from behind to snatch the championship at the last chance.

With odds of 4.50 on taking the title, his chances seem slim. But there are a few ways he could pull off the improbable to claim his fourth title.


Stewart hands over Grand Prix Trust role to Brundle

Sir Jackie Stewart will be relinquishing his role of chairman of the Grand Prix Mechanics’ Trust to former F1 driver and Sky Sports commentator Martin Brundle.


Meet the American Tasked With Bringing Back McLaren’s F1 Glory

The McLaren Formula 1 team has a new, American boss readying to take over the storied program. Zak Brown joins us to discuss the opportunity and how it came together, looks at the first order of business to improve, and delves into the complexities he’ll face while attempting to steer the McLaren-Honda F1 team back to Victory Lane.

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6 responses to “Verstappen: “I’m only here to finish first – even second, I don’t care”

  1. If I understand Max correctly, he fails most of the time, because he doesn’t win, most of the time. My advice to him would be to quit the sport if he doesn’t care about arriving second!

  2. “I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence.” Will be Max’s next utterance 😝

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