“Dear Sergio, sometimes we have accidents. You, more than anybody else, know this.”

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Summarised F1 news from across the internet: 18th November 2016

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Mexican company apologises after Sergio Perez blasts them for Donald Trump ‘wall’ joke

perez has a big accident in monaco 2012

A sunglasses company sponsoring Mexican Formula 1 driver created a children’s charity on Thursday to make amends after angering the star with a tweet mocking Mexicans following Donald Trump’s election as US president.
Hawkers took out a full-page advertisement in the newspaper El Universal announcing that it will contribute almost $25,000 a year to the Dear Sergio x Hawkers Foundation to help impoverished children in Mexico.

Hawkers quickly apologised, acknowledging that it had made a “serious mistake.”
“Dear Sergio, sometimes we have accidents,” the company’s ad said. “You, more than anybody else, know this. Although we don’t expect this accident to be forgotten, we will do everything possible so that it doesn’t happen again.”


TJ13 Comment: A rather ‘back-handed’ apology?


Manor Racing hit back at team collapse reports

Manor has hit back at reports the team is once again in danger of collapse. Reports have suggested that with Sauber passing the team for tenth in the all-important constructors’ championship, missing out on the $15 million could mean Manor may collapse.



Ericsson ‘very likely’ to stay at Sauber, eyes deal by Abu Dhabi

Marcus Ericsson says he is “very likely” to remain with Sauber in 2017 and hopes to sign a new deal with the team ahead of next weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.



Even the drivers don’t understand the penalty system – Carlos Sainz

Toro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz has admitted that he and his fellow drivers struggle to understand what is and isn’t acceptable on-track and therefore what will and won’t be penalised, as the rules are too confusing.



Esteban Ocon: ‘Max Verstappen aggressive all the time’ (GMM)

Esteban Ocon has said that he does not look back with fondness on his past duels with Formula1 sensation Max Verstappen.



Big change’ will allow teams to develop in season 2017 – Button

Jenson Button has teased the overhaul in technical regulations for the 2017 season will see F1 return to the days of when in-season development and upgrades will make a noticeable difference to results over the course of the year.



Mercedes-AMG hypercar coming in 2018 with more than 1,000 horsepower

2018 will see a new hypercar hybrid from Mercedes AMG F1

This was pretty much a given considering the fact that we’re talking about a hypercar with Formula One-derived technology, but it’s always nice to have official confirmation.

  • 1,000 horsepower (746 kilowatts) produced by the W07 Formula 1 car
  • Production will be limited to “200 to 300” units
  • Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton will be used as development drivers


5 responses to ““Dear Sergio, sometimes we have accidents. You, more than anybody else, know this.”

  1. Since His SAUBER Days, I Always Considered 11 One Of The Best Drivers Around.

    With His Decision Not To Do Business With Those Clowns Again, He Only Gained More Respect From Me.

    GO, 44 !

    • Only after re-reading your comment I understood that it was not Sauber you were referring to.

      Loved the reply from the sunglass people.

      • Sorry, But, For Me, The Sunglass People Are Modern Day Clowns.

        I Do Not Love Anything From Hypocrites.

        Real Adults Never Apologize For Something They Did On Purpose, Period.

        GO, 44 !

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