The WDC Moss nearly won

On this Day in F1 – 19th October 1958
Although Stirling Moss won the only championship-ranking Morocco Grand Prix in a Vanwall, the plaudits went to Mike Hawthorn who clinched the world title by one point.

Moss needed to win, set the fastest lap and have Hawthorn finish below second to take the crown; he achieved the first two but Hawthorn in a Ferrari finished almost a minute-and-a-half behind him, thanks to team-mate Phil Hill allowing him to pass.

As the two drivers were mobbed at the finish, Moss grinned and shook Hawthorn’s hand. “So you got it you old so-and-so,” he said.

However, the day was marred by a serious crash which left Moss’ team-mate Stuart Lewis-Evans with burns over three-quarters of his body; he died six days later.

Credit: ESPN



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