James Allison replaces Adrian Newey

james allison and adrian newey
For now, the driver market hasn’t yielded too much silliness in the silly season but it’s not just drivers that provide speculation during this period.

It’s reputed that after being pushed from an unsympathetic Ferrari, James Allison could move to Red Bull Racing for 2018 as an eventual replacement for Adrian Newey.

Talks are on going, but such a move would make perfect sense as Ade’s attention has been somewhat diluted with other projects such as the Aston Martin hyper car. Unlike the pre-2014 hybrid era, Newey has been working less than full time on the F1 car so Red Bull would be keen to secure a talent such as Allison for the future.

Other significant moves include James Key who will be likely to leave Toro Rosso and replace Pat Symonds in 2018. Symonds will be 65 years old in two seasons time and is expected to retire for good.

5 responses to “James Allison replaces Adrian Newey

  1. Think Ferrari is missing a trick by not snapping up Key, looks like they’ll stand/fall by their ‘we have who we need in house’ approach.

  2. The headline is a statement. The item is a speculative rumour. Clickbait rules again… *sigh*

  3. “It’s reputed that after being pushed from an unsympathetic Ferrari,”

    There’s no proof that that happened, especially in light of the tragic death of his wife. I suspect Allison had neither the interest nor the desire to continue and decided to leave on his own.

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