Hamilton great talent but drop the music

Flavio Briatore is a one man quote machine of which we’ve often had great pleasure sharing his thoughts here on TJ13.

After the race in Singapore, the tanned Italian ex team boss several things to say regarding both Lewis and Max.

“Verstappen is a phenomenon, is a talent, it’s like seeing Alonso at the beginning. With older drivers it’s useless, whereas you’d just take boys such as Verstappen.

When I look at Lewis, he’s a bit DJ, a bit rapper like but has great talent, but if you want to win you have to concentrate only one thing. If I were him, I would deal a little ‘less than music and more than F1″

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  1. Hamilton must do as he likes.

    Ferrari is Italian and should be attractive enough to get the best people. Changing the boss is more important than the location.

    F1 needs a fix and a new boss.

    Fat weazel.

    • As they say.. location,location,location. Ferrari of old did have a HQ in leafy old England and it served them well, it was only the fact that they wanted to keep all the development within Italy forced a move back home.
      As much as the teams don’t like it, the UK is at the heart of F1 development. Even the might of Merc have realised that to win in the sport you need a UK hub.
      This will change eventually but as.it stands most of the teams have a interest in the UK.
      I also dont hold the torch for MrE, f1 needs new blood and he isn’t the man that’s needed this time, MrE had his place and did bring F1 into the real world but his time has past, I have said before..Ross B should be considered for the role as head for the sport.

    • ” “substantially bloated” these days. ,
      When wasn’t ol flavor Flav not bloated. It never seemed to hurt the quality of women at his side.

  2. When Ferrari had a technology centre in the UK, John Barnard’s GTO (Guilford technical office), I don’t recall the results being very spectacular.
    Certainly Flavio’s been a naughty boy in the past but I’ve forgiven him and would love to see him (and his girlfriends) back in the paddock.

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