Honda to copy Ferrari


Honda will be using it’s remaining allocation of upgrade tokens by Malaysia confirms Engine Chief Yusuke Hasegawa.

Recently having spent 7 of it’s 10 remaining tokens at Spa, the Japanese manufacturer have decided to follow Ferrari’s suit and use up the last of their upgrades allowed this season.

Of course, this means more penalty’s for both Jenson and Fernando as both drivers have either used up all their engine components or have exceeded the allocation.

“We introduced a new engine in Spa and at that moment we had nine races so we need to introduce one more engine,” confirmed¬†Hasegawa to Autosport today.

“If you split the nine races it could be Malaysia or Japan or the USA.

“We do not want to get a penalty at Japan, so Malaysia makes sense.

“We are still discussing it with the team.

“I don’t think the fans will let me take a penalty in Japan.

“I will not be allowed to walk into the circuit!”

It’s unclear if both drivers will get the update at the same time as McLaren are unlikely to want to loose out in the constructors championship at this crucial point of the season.

“It might be better to split the tactics for the cars.” hinted the Honda chief.


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