Sergio Perez says Lewis Hamilton was wrong


Sergio – may or may not have a 2017 contract with Force India – Perez believes that Max Verstappen’s defensive driving against Kimi Raikkonen at the 2016 Hungarian GP was beyond the bounds of reasonableness.

“That was too much – too much moving under braking”, said the Mexican. “It is something that we need to clarify”.

The matter will no doubt be discussed at the drivers’ briefing on Friday.

Further, Sergio believes Lewis Hamilton made a mountain out of a mole hill over losing out on pole position to team mate Nico Rosberg. Hamilton cited his 23 years racing experience as evidence that Rosberg had failed to properly observe yellow flags and should have been punished by the stewards. The world champion even questioned Charlie Whiting directly over the stewards’ decision not to disqualify his team mate’s pole position lap.

Perez on the other hand thinks it was no big deal. “I think Nico proved that what he did was appropriate, and I think every driver will have done the same in his position.

“It was down to the FIA to see it and if they were fine with it, I don’t see an issue to go too much into it.

“With Nico, for example, it was different because he could see there were double yellow flags and he could lift, come back on power, not lose too much lap time and it was the entry of a relatively low speed corner.

“For Lewis the car was stuck there so he has to lift, so it is also a bit of common sense in that respect. If the FIA was fine with that, it is alright.”

Hamilton has ‘previous’ for putting his own interests ahead of the team and making emotional outbursts. In Belgium 210 Lewis McLaren had deliberately disadvantage him with an aggressive wing setting, so he revealed his and Jenson Button’s telemetry readings on twitter.

Publically, at least, Toto Wolff made light of the fact Hamilton had questioned the team’s defence of Nico Rosberg’s pole position lap in Hungary. Yet this is another wearing situation for Wolff to manage as Hamilton once again creates division in the Mercedes F1 team.

4 responses to “Sergio Perez says Lewis Hamilton was wrong

  1. Checho should know about yellow flags and qualifying as it was he and Lewis who were penalised in the 2011 Indian GP for not lifting at all on their quali laps. I’m not 100% sure what benefit Hamilton’s then 18 year experience gave him, obviously less than his now 23 year experience.

  2. “It was down to the FIA to see it and if they were fine with it, I don’t see an issue to go too much into it. ”

    They were also fine with Verstappens defending moves, so why go into that, Checo?

    Even if you do not agree with Hamilton, it doe not mean he is wrong. Imho it is good to have the rules clarified for everyone, so they know what they can or cannot do in future races.

  3. Lewis is wrong, Daniel is wrong, Seb is wrong. They’re all putting their own interests above Nico’s. They’re racing drivers, what does this have to do with the Team. They’re all there to win it, to expect any less of them but to serve themselves is asinine judge 😉

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