Mercedes woo Fernando Alonso


With no sign of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg’s feud abating, could one of the drivers be about to lose their place in the Silver Arrow team to double world champion Fernando Alonso?

The internal rivalry at Mercedes may provide some form of excitement for everyone outside of Mercedes… however inside tensions are still running high.

This season the friction between the two drivers has escalated to the point where collisions have become all too frequent for the Mercedes bosses. The result saw Racing Director Toto Wolff warn the pair that they could miss a few races as a suspension appears to be only way to control the feuding duo. Though he appeared to back track on this at a later date.

At the 2016 British GP, Fernando Alonso finished in 13th place after a mid-race spin. The error didn’t appear to play on his mind as the Spaniard engaged in a spicy battle with Williams’s driver Felipe Massa.

Despite the frenetic activity that consumes the race crews during a race, Mercedes AMG F1 official twitter feed found time to compliment Alonso for his composure.

This ‘love in’ was again demonstrated during the first day of testing at Silverstone as Mercedes tweeted “congratulations @alo_oficial and @oconesteban: so far the only drivers to venture out in the rainy conditions”.

11 responses to “Mercedes woo Fernando Alonso

  1. hardly see that. Friction between team-mates? Call Alonso – hardly a standard way of thinking in F1 🙂

    To be fair, Merc do seem to be a rather complimentary lot on twitter
    how about
    “Waaaaaa!!!! Awesome car control from @HulkHulkenberg there…” from earlier on in the race.

    Now then, Hulk to replace Rosberg on the basis of that tweet?

  2. If Merc want to eliminate competition and rivalries within their team, they do not want to go about getting another A+ driver. They would need to do what Ferrari has done and get a clear number 2 that is good but will not push the number one driver into a fight.

    • Isn’t that what they did, just no one predicted that Nico would be so close to Lewis???

      I’m sure their remuneration amounts make it pretty clear who is the number 1 and number 2

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