D-Day looms for Mercedes on Hamilton’s engine penalty

Mercedes have come to the conclusion that the next two races will decide whether or not they are to take a deliberate engine penalty for car number 44.

The back to back failures that Lewis Hamilton suffered in China and in Russia, means he has already reached his allocated MGU-H quota for the season. Five turbo units have also been used in what has been a testing first half of the season for Mercedes reliability.

If the Brackley team feel that there is no way to avoid eventually taking an engine penalty, then the decision becomes one of when rather than if. Opting to take the hit at Spa or Monza would seem optimum because overtaking is easier there than in Hungary or at Hockenheim.

When asked about his thoughts on the matter, Toto Wolff said “We haven’t yet {made a decision}. We were trying to make it on four and it is clear we are making it on five. {Units}

“It looks like that we might have a penalty with him, but we don’t know. We need to see the next two races how that is going to pan out and decide after the shutdown or during the shutdown.”

For now Mercedes are hoping reliability issues for Lewis are kept to a minimum, and that their driver’s season isn’t dictated too much by them.

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  1. It seems like this whole limiting of the allowed engines per season is not really doing more than handing out penalties. It has not cut any costs as the teams have realized that it is better to win points and then maybe take a hit for a race rather than make engines that are a bit slower but last the entire season. That just means that the cars that can’t afford that many units need to turn down their so that they can survive, effectively moving them to the back and out of the points. There needs to be a better solution to all of this. Something like a budget cap maybe …

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