F1 Sidebar – British GP, what to expect


The Sidebar previews the British GP this week, hosted by Charlie and AJ.  Expect Mercedes team orders to be on the cards after the Austrian grand prix incident .

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2 responses to “F1 Sidebar – British GP, what to expect

  1. These sidebars are great. Please keep it up, even if you are called “deluded” when opinions doesn’t align with other (totally sane and super-nice) commenters. 😉

    Definitely worth the effort, AJ. Bite-size F1.

    Bring on the British GP!


  2. “What to expect?”
    This is a joke, right? Clickbait?
    I expect another race where the only real question is which of the two Mercedes cars is likely to win. I expect I’ll record the race and whizz through the inane waffling of the self-satisfied C4 commentary team, the interminable advertising and the post-race j3rking off. Of course I could be wrong and with a bit of luck it’ll p!55 down intermittently during the race…

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