Arrivabene: ‘Our cars’ will not crash


As the dust settles on the action packed conclusion to the 2016 Austrian GP, having arrived back safely in Maranello Maurizio Arrivabene is probably feeling like he’s dodged a media bullet.

Such was the focus on the Lewis/Nico last lap collision and the apoplectic Mercedes boss’ responses, that hardly a word was uttered about another F1 race weekend of Ferrari strategy woe. Mercedes found a way of moving their driver who started P6 up the grid to P1, by simply implementing an alternative tyre strategy to the others ahead.

Ferrari got trapped wide eyed in the headlights again, failing to take advantage of an evolving situation. In the end Arrivabene was fortunate to see Raikkonen make the podium, following the gift handed to him by Rosberg and Hamilton.

Ever the politician, Maurizio is keen to keep the attention on the Mercedes drivers’ ‘mistake’ and away from the strategists dressed in red.

When asked about the Merc on Merc incident, Arrivabene replied confidently, “I do not think it would come to such a situation with our cars.”

The Scuderia boss went on to make it clear, “I am very happy with Kimi and Seb,” which some have taken as an indication Arrivabene wishes to retain the ‘Ice Man’ for 2017 – one more year beyond the end of his current contract.

Rumours have persisted this year linking Ferrari with either Carlos Sainz Jnr or Daniel Ricciardo as replacements for Kimi for 2017. Ricciardo though has now announced a deal for next year with Red Bull Racing, which opens the door for the likes of Perez and Bottas again.

However, TJ13 sources suggest there is a general feeling of harmony at present in Maranello along with the thinking that changing the drivers will add little to Ferrari’s overall performance.

If this is the case, then stability in the face of media criticism is preferable to upsetting the apple cart for no good reason?

Then again – that just isn’t Sergio Marchionne’s style – now is it?

6 responses to “Arrivabene: ‘Our cars’ will not crash

  1. “I do not think it would come to such a situation with our cars.”
    Well, he has a point – Raikkonen probably wouldn’t be that close.

    Meanwhile, Rosberg confirms he’s fine with the idea of team orders, because “Toto and Paddy are extremely competent people”. So that’s OK, then.

    • Of course he’d be happy with team orders. Because we’ve seen now on more than one occasion, when the opportunity arises for him to really race against Lewis, he develops a BBW failure.. (Brain-By-Wire).

    • Apologies, just being cheeky, wanted to correct one of your sentences above.

      ‘Well, he has a point – Raikkonen probably wouldn’t be ALLOWED TO BE that close.

  2. Ferrari has two problems: engine power and strategy. Both can be solved in time. They need to practice with their computer simulations and throw in some variables so they can practice thinking on the fly. Drivers are not the issue, I think they will retain Kimi for the sake of continuity and to keep Seb happy!

  3. Ferrari will wait so long to make a final decision that they’ll have no other option than to keep Kimi.

  4. Just a thought on Ferrari’s strategy here. Didn’t Jock Clear work at Mercedes doing things like strategy, and lets be honest, in 2014 their strategy calls were pathetic. Then Jock goes on gardening leave to join Ferrari. Ferrari’s strategy calls have generally been good (lets ignore abu dhabi 2010). Then that lady leaves Ferrari to go to Haas, and Haas’ calls have been good. Jock comes off gardening leave and joins Ferrari at the start of the year……….

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