Missed Apex Live


Join Spanners and the usual crew tonight at 7:30pm (UK) as they record Missed Apex Podcast.

This week special guest Matthew Somers (@somersf1) from Motorsport.com will be chatting tech plus the Monaco GP preview.

Follow the link to listen

6 responses to “Missed Apex Live

  1. Just a suggestion box idea judge but some folks like myself don’t get time to listen to the podcast so is there a transcript of the evening available?

    • There is absolutely no way I have the talent or time to do that. Sorry. The beauty of podcasts is you listen while doing other things. Mowing the lawn, Driving etc. I listen while the wife is talking to me. (Don’t forget to nod occasionally).

      • Maybe a court stenographer is needed 😉 thought it was a long shot.i fully agree with the podcasts,i need to catch-up with the world but the better half stamps her feet if I disturb her soaps and at my age if I walk around with headphones I get people shouting as I look like a doddering oap with hearing aids

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