Spain, record breaking race

Michael Schumacher in 2004, Mansell in 1992…. the only drivers to start a season with five successive victories and Rosberg could be set to join them.

Last year he won from pole having lost out to Lewis in points, who won three out of four races in 2015. Now Rosberg is sitting much more comfortably 43 points ahead of the three time world champ and is confident with his tail up.

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“I’m just enjoying the moment and the form I’m in, doing my best to keep it going and hoping I can carry it through to the end of the season,” said Rosberg.

Lewis is not swayed however having admitted that given the chance, he’ll win: “I’ve known that since day one in testing and, when I’ve had clean air and a damage-free car this season, I’ve shown it on track.”

The Barcelona circuit will almost certainly be part of another record breaking stat as Mercedes will equal McLaren’s run of 11 wins in a row set in 1988 should they take the victory yet again. TJ13 wouldn’t bet against it either, with the Silver Arrows rather boringly winning 36 out of the last 42 races. Consider that while there have been nine different winners in nine years, all but two of the last 15 pole-setters have won, so unless something biblical occurs we tick another record off to the silver powerhouse. In winter testing the team also completed a record 10 GPs distance by the end of the test, nearly 700 laps!

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  1. Lulu’s chance depends on him getting first into the first corner, if that comes about he knows more than anybody else that his team will guaranty him the finishing flag. things at Mercedes has not changes from last year.

  2. “10 GPs distance in a single day!”….. Are you sure that stat is actually correct? Sure you don’t mean in the last 4 days of winter testing?

    • I can read mate. I am questioning the stat as it seems ambiguous, given that the most laps Mercedes did on any one day, was 185 (between 8 a.m and 5 p.m), which was on day 4, thats a total of 535.02 miles. Over the final 4 days, they totaled 1952 miles. Using Catalunya as an example, the race is 66 laps long at a length of 190+ miles. So i am not sure how they could’ve done 10 GP distances in a day based on those numbers

      So forgive my skepticism, oh benevolent one!

      • Fortis96 I share your scepticism and you are right to question.

        Even the ‘entrenched’ can’t fail to see that the completion of 10 GP distances in 8 hours isn’t doable. Unless of course the vehicle in question is not of this world or is a highly maneuverable airborne piloted craft, which unless I am mistaken, would fall foul of the current rules!

      • No doubt that you can read, but to me it seemed strange “Fortis” doubting “TJ13” on the this TJ13 forum.

        • Why?

          Fortis was correct. The Judge is human and gets things wrong sometimes, like we all do. He is not in infallible. The Judge has already posted, admitting to his error anyway. I believe the matter has been settled.

  3. settled between Fortis and himself or between TJ13 and himself? or is it me getting confused?

  4. I have a question for those that regard themselves as rules/regulations experts when it concerns Mercedes and their Lulu, the question might be regarded as off topic by Fortis/his Honour, but just in case it will be granted a pass.
    It is being reported that only car 44 will be using a new MGU-H design, if that will materialise, does it mean that 2 different PU component specifications are allowed to be used by the FIA?. if Mercedes will use the old MGU-H design on Nico’s car, does it mean that Mercedes are not sure that the fault lays with the MGU-H itself?.

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