Lewis Hamilton’s ‘fate’ is not in his hands


Lewis Hamilton, known to many as bling-bling, is a fascinating character to observe. Whilst his nick name is well earned as he sports the biggest diamond earrings ever for a racing driver along with his Mr. T style neck adornments – Lewis is more than just a kid from the ghetto (or Stevenage to be more precise).

Lewis is a watcher and a thinker. During his trauma’s with ex pole dancing girlfriend he observed the Zen like existence of Jenson Button his team mate, and yearned for a life where he too could be in a ‘bubble’. Given that Hamilton is no longer in and out of a relationship each time a newspaper is printed, you could argue he has achieved something of a ‘Lewis bubble’. The fact that ‘bad’ Lewis hasn’t appeared despite the terrible run of bad luck at the start of this season is in fact testimony to the fact that Lewis has changed.

No more ‘cos I is black’ explanations for engine failures or others dodgy driving skills, Lewis looks as though he has indeed been born again – you could say – as he takes all things comfortably within his stride. His measured responses and winning smile to the repeated loaded questions from the bastards in the media, sees #44 as Sanguine personified.


However, in a sport where the 100th – even 1000th of a second – may make a difference, some F1 observers are beginning to express concern that Lewis has lost his edge. After all Hamilton did admit in a post 2015 season interview with the BBC he found it difficult to give it absolutely everything following his title win in Austin, “You still have to commit and work super-hard but for sure you’re kind of like ‘my job is done, I wish the season was over, wish I could go on holiday’.”

Following the US GP in Texas, Hamilton’s team mate went on to win the final 3 GP of the year and now after four more victories this season, Rosberg is gunning for some all time F1 win records.

Should he win in Barcelona this weekend, Nico Rosberg will equal the most successive F1 race wins from the start of a season. Nigel Mansell had 5 in 1992 and Michael Schumacher equalled this 12 years later in 2004). A Rosberg victory in Catalunya would also see him equal Alberto Ascari and Sebastian Vettel as the only drivers to win eight consecutive F1 races, leaving him a P1 in Monaco from levelling Vettel’s all time record of 9 in 2013.

‘Things happen for a reason’, mused Hamilton when asked in Russia if Rosberg’s victories were as result of his own bad luck. Lewis has demonstrated he is consistent on this somewhat deterministic philosophical view of the world on previous occasions stating he doesn’t really believe in luck – good or bad.

Following Michael Schumacher’s skiing accident and the revelations he may be in a coma for life, Hamilton made a similar observation that, ‘things happen for a reason’. Social media exploded in fury condemning Lewis as ‘insensitive’ amongst other things.

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Whether Lewis meant this ‘things happen for a reason’ comment the way people understood it, is up for question, however this kind of philosophical view of the world may soon give Hamilton more food for thought.

Interestingly this kind of deterministic view of life is often pronounced by the fundamentalist wing of the Christian church. It is used an explanation for apparent injustices and evil in the world around us and ex-England football manager, Glen Hoddle, famously expressed this kind of sentiment back in 1999 – something which ultimately cost him his job. Of course a good God can’t do bad things, therefore bad stuff happens ‘for a reason’.

The concern for Hamilton fans should be that such a fatalistic view of the world may well lead their hero to throw in the towel in the 2016 F1 drivers’ championship fight – should the Spanish GP weekend prove to be another one filled with disappointment for Lewis. If things ‘happen for a reason’ and keep happening to Lewis’ disadvantage, how long will it be before he believes – all this is happening for a reason, because the reason is, it’s Nico Rosberg’s year?

The problem with fate and determinism is that ultimately this means events develop outside a person’s control and become to be regarded as predetermined – even by a supernatural power. So if something is destined to happen, then it will – so why fight it?



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  1. Nilcoe Scherzinger was not a ‘pole dancer’, she was a Burlesque dancer which is a totally separate thing…….

    Not sure him or his fans will throw in the towel if he losses this weekend. As for seeming to lack motivation based on comments made last year, ROS has yet to out qualify him when both have set a Q3 time. So i’m not sure he’s lacking motivation

    Now definitely over to you chief hamfosi…Salvuborg…

    • Yes, thanks for handing over. here it goes, his problem, “still suffers from the infection known as foot in mouth disease” as does most hamfosi.

    • I don’t think the time of Lewis is over…its just that he has found out that there is another side to life other than work. He has driven almost as long has he has been on this planet and maybe it’s just time to relax and take stock. All around him he sees other drivers starting a family, buying homes and ,can I say this without being shot?, growing up. The chap has it all,money,health,girls,friends but he hasn’t done the one thing that really matters…become a father so maybe this is the final piece that missing from the Lewis puzzle,this could either shoot him to the next level or make him a complete young family man.

  2. I’m no Lewis fan, but he’s certainly no Glenn Hoddle. The ex England managing tit claimed that people born with disabilities were being punished for the sins of a former life. I loath the sight of him on Football coverage, given the likes of Andy Gray and Ron Atkinson aren’t about for saying things that although offensive weren’t in the same ball park I’m amazed anyone has him as a pundit.

    Lewis is obviously a fairly religious guy and I think that’s what his “things happen for a reason” statements come from. There are some passages in the bible that insinuate roughly what Lewis is saying. Personally I don’t think Hamilton has a bad bone in his body, he sometimes speaks before thinking and can come across as arrogant and vain, but to compare him to someone who I rate as an absolute C U Next Tuesday? Nah I’m not having that.

    I can see the point you’re making in the story Judge, that Lewis believes in fate, but Glenn Hoddle is not a comparison that should be anywhere near Lewis.

  3. Hahahah. Goddamn (😉). This one made me laugh. It’s the same when footballers think they scored a goal because of their “god”. Or when america goes to war and says may god help us. Or may god be on our side. Why would a god – if there would be one, or more – let himself in with the futile things that we mortals take pride in, like sport? Or why would he (or she ) ever help someone murder someone else? I think it’s more an excuse to cover up things or be a bit hypocrite. Of course I don’t care who believes what and everybody is entitled to believe what they want. But I think if you give all credit to a being in the sky you play down your own efforts. If there is something you should believe in, its yourself.

    • Agreed, but for one thing: humanity should free itself as soon as possible from religion. It’s useless and a Total pain in the Arse for humanity.

        • I hope oil independency, education and the desire to have what others have will prove to be suficient. Not to mention robitica and artificial intelligence.

          • But education is a part of the problem. Or here at least.. in belgium most schools are catholic and therefore the subject of religion is mandatory…
            And what about the bible belt in the US. Those people keep passing on the religious believes from generation to generation.

  4. This is all getting rather deep, could it be Mercedes have a few dodgy drive units, and Lewis got them all.

    • not to worry about a few more “dodgy drive units” for Lulu, after they would have been used-up with some incoming help from Bernie and Charlie, they will write another letter to his hamfosi and after that could also ordain him as saint Lulu.

  5. Bling-bling is about right. He craves for attention, and he gets it.

    Not necessarily the right type of attention, but he does not care, as long as his perception of cool is there, he is happy.

    But don’t worry judge, ” cos i iz black ” will come back again, when it suits him.

  6. What a completely shit article. I though I was reading the Daily Heil. Sod it, time to deep six this sorry excuse of a F1 website.

    • If you’re going to comment at least suggest why the article is incorrect. I suspect the reason for this comment though is that you don’t agree with it as you’re probably a fan of Lewis, so tell those of us who comment here why it’s wrong rather than just slating it and suggesting this is a bad F1 website.

  7. Interesting article, Judge. Lewis’ “deterministic” views (if that’s what they consciously are) are often followed by him reinforcing an essence of his “free will” in that HE can/will do x and y if z etc. Just a bag of contradictions, as usual, like the conspiracies from most of his most hardcore fans. I don’t think anyone has told Lewis that if he’s asked something where he’s got no answer, that he CAN say “I don’t know.” Kimi does it well.

    It is usually enjoyable imbibing these contradictory missives, especially from his hardcore fans, but since the emergence of the PU/Wolff conspiracies, they’ve become… erm… boring and repetitive – thus I’ve stopped reading the furious repetition a couple of weeks back. Scroll down, scroll down sort of thing. Even I’ve got limits as to how much faux muscle-flexing / mimicry I can consume before I get bored. There’s funny and then there’s sad…

    Anyhow, bring on Spain! Bring on something new! Maybe a 0.003sec difference in one pitstop between Lewis and Nico will be the new “pitstop-gate” issue of the week. That’ll be fun… for a time.

    +1 @Bruznic’s conment.


    • You don’t need 0.003 secs. 0.001 is enough for a “pitstop-gate”. But if Toxic Lewis wins, then he will let it go and try and come out of it magnanimous, even if hinting ever so slightly that they are still conspiring against him.
      You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  8. it is being reported that Lulu will be using “Exclusively” a new MGU-H design, does the FIA rules permit the use of 2 different specifications of one PU component by a manufacturer?. are Mercedes sure the problem is the MGU-H design? If Mercedes are sure car 44 MGU-H problem lays in it’s design, why are they risking Nico’s race?.

    • Duh! wake up! PU components can be replaced and upgraded just like complete PUs.
      You never worked out that using tokens to develop means different drivers have different specs till homologation

  9. Lulu getting a “new design” of MGU-H and Nico having to use the old “unreliable” unit? if it was Lulu having to use the old “unreliable unit his oneeyed Hamfosi would be crying foul all over again, hypocrisy with a pedigree certificate.

  10. This is a Ferarri weekend,Nico has enough points to suffer a MGU-H failure, fits perfect for a continuation of the Mercedes saga. we’ll see if i’m right!

  11. He could also see himself as the god or god’s hand that can make things happen. Or of course believe that he can try any overtake move and God allowing it would work. But to be honest I doubt no matter what he talks off track about religious believes wouldn’t have much if any impact on the driving decisions on the track. In general Christians who talk about their religion are more like to say not do what is right according to their religion anyway.

    But the other point made in this article makes me realise that now they both Lewis and Nico had a reason to crash ( I mean not to give up ). Nico’s is obvious; first he’s leading on points so both out is always good for him, Lewis won’t catch up and of course also to keep the message that the old times when he backs up are over for some time and it’s not gonna change. Lewis than well has a reason to get a possible record away from his team mate; a tough one to get himself too, as even Schumi didn’t get that. Maybe he also counted that if been 2nd after first lap, will have secondary strategy and as seen with the rest of the race overtaking in Barcelona doesn’t happen.

  12. JESUS: Hey Dad! Are you excited about the Spanish GP?

    GOD: Yeah, it’s going to be interesting.

    JESUS: This is great Rosberg overtook Hamilton and… Oh shit! What reason did you have for that Dad?

    GOD: I wanted Verstappen to win. I needed to validate all of my Driver of the Day poll votes on TJ13.

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