Ferrari deserve Drivers’ Championship

Such is the concentration of ‘fosi here at TJ13, but perhaps not the original Italian variety*, that we sometimes forget the mettle and perhaps narcissistic quality team Rosso possess.

“The drivers’ title? I think we deserve it. I believe [that] because of the efforts made in 2015,” said Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari president, quoted by La Repubblica.

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“Unfortunately, mistakes, mishaps or other prevent us from defeat. Mercedes would be very difficult to overtake us if we put before them, especially if it’s Vettel at the forefront” added the Italian.

The fact that Kimi was not mentioned to be ‘at the forefront’ is somewhat telling as to who the Italian outfit trust most to deliver. Astonishing to some considering the Finn was the last driver to deliver a championship to Maranello, now nearly ten years ago.

The canny operator Marchionne decided not to be drawn further in when quizzed about the recent Kvyat demotion however.

“I do not want to comment on the decisions taken with one of our opponents. It was an unfortunate accident and I think Kvyat apologised to Seb. For me, the problem is solved “

The Italian team is only 19 points ahead of Red Bull after four Grands Prix and is now (perhaps) less likely to be torpedoed by a young eager ‘Red Bull Athlete’….. but then again?


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  1. I’m sure Ron thinks that McLaren deserve a championship too, but you really need to build a good car for that.
    As for Kimi not being mentioned, I think the writing is on the wall. Marchionne doesn’t acknowledge his existence in Ferrari, therefore he doesn’t exist…

  2. Ferrari don’t deserve what they haven’t earned. The season is chalked full of trials and tribulations but the best package wins out. If Ferrari want a W(D)C, they need to look to 2017. That or get DK to start driving into silver cars.

  3. Well why have the FIA(Ferrari international assistance) if they won’t help with a cup or two. Ferrari have always operated a two tier system when it comes to the drivers as they really don’t see the point of their role..the car is the star not the other way around. The most important thing for the team is the constructors championship, the driver cup is a bonus and so they focus on lifting the better driver while using the second as a shield. This system works until your No1 is out of action, cast your mind back to when Schumacher broke his leg, they really didn’t want Eddie to win the championship as they had invested millions in getting the world’s best driver to end their dry run and now they have the runt of the litter leading the way,credit to Michael when he did arrive back as he was a great No2 to Irvine, I can’t see many drivers doing that now. It’s sad for Kimi but he did take the corporate gold and he enjoys the part while it lasts,besides he is a regular top 6 finisher

    • Unfortunately, you, like many other F1 fans preach about a Ferrari history that never existed.

      Enzo Ferrari didn’t give a damn which driver won the race, in fact he would swap chassis and engines around so that no ‘one’ driver took the plaudits.

      Once the season began drawing to a close, only then would team orders be implemented.

      Jean Todt and Michael Schumacher changed the perception of Ferrari forever with many people believing that they always selected number 1 drivers. But any research would prove to you that before Todt that never happened.

      As to Kimi? People can carry on spouting off about last WDC but as mentioned it was almost 10 years ago… in other words past his sell by date.

      Although personally I never rated him as Massa proved through 2008.

      Hate Ferrari for your beliefs that they cheat, need assistance etc but maybe read some history before suggesting yours is the truth…

      As to Schumi supporting Irvine, it’s as to I should get your recollection of history.

      LdM called MSC’s house to speak to him and his daughter said he was outside playing football on his ‘too painful’ recovering leg.

      In no uncertain terms he came back and assisted Ferrari to win the 1999 WCC but he seemed to lack a little pace when it came to beating Hakkinen at Suzuka.

      Ferrari would have taken any driver winning the WDC but Todt and Schumacher didn’t want Irv to.

      • Lol…hate Ferrari??? I have heard it all,my home is a shrine,I have toured the fabled ribbon of road which tests all past charges and have supported the stable since I could walk..your preaching to the wrong guy. Schumacher came back and according to the words of Irvine he supported his on his fist race back holding back a charging McLaren and only posting a fastest lap once Eddie had the job done…now that’s a good number 2. As for the FIA, its well known in joke and I fear if you can’t laugh at your own team then its a back day..I have cheered when a decision goes our way and thrown a strop when the forces merge to remove a car for a 2mm plank infringement. Cut me and I bleed red,slice me and the words Enzo are seen and as for history…you need to read more..Enzo was passionate about machines not the human element and I hope my comment reflects this.

      • Agree with you whole heartedly – I well remember how Ferrari treated John Surtees, not long after giving them the WDC.

  4. Alonso deserves another couple of drivers titles, Vettel deserved last years, but F1 isn’t about which driver performs best over the course of an entire season. It’s about machinery and driver, heavily weighted towards the machinery, and on that basis Ferrari have exactly what they deserve. They’ve not built the fastest car for many seasons in the sport now, and thus they can’t be deserving of titles, specifically the constructors title. Mercedes deserve the WCC without question, the cars they’ve produced in 2014/15 and 16 are some of the most dominant the sport has ever seen, that deserves credit.

  5. ” Vettel deserved last year’s” – Completely disagree with that sentiment. Hamilton did not put a foot wrong.

    “Alonso deserves another couple of drivers titles” – His talent, definitely, but at the end of the day you harvest what you reap.

  6. “… I think we deserve it…. because of the efforts made in 2015…”

    Howls of derisive laughter, Bruce!

    Oh, for a world that rewards effort! As a teenager, I would have been more …err…satisfied, for one. On many occasions, I did enough groundwork to build an airport or two only to leave the pub alone 🙁

    Maybe my final line should have been “C’mon, I deserve it!”

  7. And I deserve to be millionaire because I know I’m more intelligent than the only millionaire I know. Life doesn’t work like that Sergio. Oh, and not, Ferrari doesn’t deserve the drivers championship because another team made a better job and not only they deserved it, they won it.

  8. And i deserve to not go to work for the remainder of the year and still get paid my usual salary…… Sadly that’s not the world we live in and you reap what you sow.

    Marchionne’s comments smacks of pure entitlement

  9. Why is it that teams have such short memories of the years that they dominated? Did Ferrari or Red Ball complain that they were winning too much.

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