Kvyat under Putin pressure

Horner was blunt in his assessment of Kvyat, saying his mistake “screwed” the team’s race completely. The good Dr mentioned he said only one word to him post race, as yet nobody knows what was said but he assured RTL who was interviewing him at the time, that “the rest has yet to be said”.

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He continued with his assessment of the Russian

“It’s a pity because he did not only ruin Vettel’s race and Ricciardo’s race, but also his own race. He had to do an extra stop. It was a day of disaster for Red Bull.”

It’s clear that Daniil was overdriving his race knowing that the whole nation was behind him along with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. Rosberg noted how surprised he was when the president congratulated him post race, bizarrely speaking in Russian despite it being common knowledge that he’s fluent in German. Obviously it’s not a good idea to disappoint the Russian president considering his KGB background and his lust to make the Motherland great once again in the eyes of the world, but should Daniil be more worried about the good Dr?

Marko is well known for chopping out Red Bull athletes at a moment’s notice and he’s fully aware that Max Verstappen won’t want to stay at Toro Rosso for another year. With the Colgate Kid’s contract not due for renewal after 2017, it’s clear that Max will be given the Red Bull drive on a silver platter if he continues to perform lest the Austrian outfit will loose him to Mercedes or Ferrari.

Two races is clearly a long time in F1, last time out in China Kvyat scored a respectable 2nd place behind his team mate Ricciardo in the TJ13 driver poll, but is it already too late for him?

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  1. Was it pressure from Russia and Putin, or is it rather pressure from Mad Max and the Dr since day 1 of this season. Kvyat knows he’s out the door come the end of the season and he’s over-driving in the hope he can get a competitive drive elsewhere. If I was him, I would start talking to Ferrari now, relax and drive like he knows.

    • Whether or not Ferrari pick up the phone following the last two races is another matter.

      • I agree. No chance Kvyat goes to Maranello.

        Ricciardo, maybe, but only if Sergio wants proper competition to Vettel or wants to replace him. Or Verstappen, if Marchionne is really bold (and the kid isn’t chained to the Red Bull stable). Or even, and this is outlandish, getting back Alonso if Marchionne decides Vettel can’t get the job done and needs someone trusty to deliver. Be it as it may, I wouldn’t rule out Kimi seeing out a 2nd multiple WDC out of Ferrari… 🙂

        • Hehe.
          But imagine if they brought Alonso back and Kimi got paid again for another year not to drive the Ferrari!
          I still rate that as the greatest deal of any professional racing driver, full stop.
          Max revenue. Zero risk. Company car. Job done. Who cares about a ‘title’ compared to that dream job?

    • Actually Kvyat was already overdriving in Bahrain, I think. I recall he had a shaky-ish start, and then towards the end of the race pulled a number of ballsy moves that might have ended differently. It does seem as if Herr Marko has informed him of pending execution… Clobbering Seb, of all people, the hero of Red Bull, like he did in T2 in Sochi must not have endeared him one bit to the Styrian Spice Boys…

  2. Sochi was the situation that was needed at the red bullies right now, and now it would most probably be from one fast-tracked hype job being replaced with another with 10x the temper tantrums, with the Colgate kid most probably suffering some more than he already did.

  3. A ballsy move would be just to swap Kvyat and Chip now. Why wait if it’s the fair accompli that we’re told it is?

    Sainz would seem to be sidelined and hard done by in all this though, like JEV, I guess.

    • Agree with you about Sainz – does the Red Bull Young Driver come with automatic black marks in the eyes of other teams??

      • I think it’s about the contract they sign: ‘be with Toro Rosso and you end up at red Bull or nowhere’

        • True – but there are others who looked good in F3 (which I follow to try and spot the next stars) and haven’t made the transition – Alguersuari and Vergne for Red Bull and Nasr and Magnussen currently trying to make manes for themselves.

          • Vergne is the exception to me. Alguesari tried combining F1 with a career as DJ. And Klien, Speed and Bourdais just didn’t have it. RB is looking for future champs rather then decent drivers.

  4. I feel a bit sorry for Kyatt since I only think he make one mistake – Hormer used “mistake” in the singular too. If Vettel did lift in T3 anyone close behind would have probably collected him and hit just happened to be the Russian. Having said that F1 is a cut throat business and Red Bull can be ruthless in that department. Kvyatt will need some more good results to stay in the sport though I suspect he will have sufficient support from Russia. He seems a likable sort and it would be a shame if he ended up on the Milton Keynes scrap heap.

      • T2, definitely. T3, not so fast. It isn’t clear yet, as apparently Vettel had lifted significantly immediately prior to the run-in…

        • Looks to me like Vettel and Ham were going about the same speed and Kvyat comes flying directly into the back of him. He says Vettel slowed up unexpectedly but still.. “Obviously all the mess came from me,” Kvyat admitted. “Of course it doesn’t feel great but sometimes these things happen on lap one.”

          • @tuj
            Looks to me like Vettel and Ham were going about the same speed

            While somewhat accurate, Hamilton was generally waiting for all the others who he’s shortcuted at T2 to overtake him. He wasn’t accelerating any faster than the Force India in front at that point. And Vettel did catch up Hamilton and overtook him, so the cars behind were generally under more aggressive acceleration patterns through T3 than Hamilton was.

      • That video shows the opposite, Vettel slows downs when he sees Perez’s tyre going flat, Kvyat couldn’t see that, he breaks as soon as he realizes Vettel is slowing down. Anybody at that distance behind Vettel would have hit him.

    • Contrary to many believe the red bullies has ruined more drivers careers than they have made, thanks mainly goes to their good doctor.

  5. Anyone heard the news that Pastor is currently doing the testing for Pirelli’s 2017 tires?

    • You’d think Pirelli’s desire to gain knowledge about how the tyres react to grass, gravel, tyre walls and armco barriers would be somewhat limited, still if that’s the case then there can be no doubt, Pastor is the man for the job!

      • hahahahaha………

        Come on man, give the guy a break, he won a GP, can’t say the same for many who are still racing

        • Yes, and he’s run over a marshal under yellow flag conditions in Monaco in junior formulas (which earned him a ban in the principality, which was subsequently lifted given petro-connections), he’s run over his mechanics during his first pitstop in F1 (I think, from memory), and has been involved in COUNTLESS broken wings, spinning Saubers, broken suspensions, broken rear wings (still can’t figure out how he managed that one in Barcelona), speeding in the pitlane, stalling engine in the pitlane, gravel traps, grass trips, jumping cars, etc., etc., etc. There is no doubt that Pastor can be super quick on his day, but otherwise he was driving like a butcher, constantly overdriving his machinery, and got dropped by Williams and then Renault at the first opportunity.

          • So Pirelli will see how well their tires perform in the mowing down people department as well.

            So that’s all the bases covered then.

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