#TJ13 #F1 Sidebar – Kimi, Seb, Daniil, T1 contact China 2016


Have you read Matt’s second part to the Chinese GP ‘incident’ between Seb, Kimi and Daniil? Read it here.

This week, the Sidebar crew discuss their thoughts on the situation.

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55 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Sidebar – Kimi, Seb, Daniil, T1 contact China 2016

  1. Both FERRARI’S left a racing door open in the Chines GP start so Kvyat had a right to go for that open door as much as Bottas had a right to go for the open door left open by Lulu in Bahrain GP start, the difference is in china the fault belonged to the Ferrari driver, but in Bahrain it belonged to the Williams driver for the simple reason that Lulu had a God given right to shut the door he left open on Bottas.
    hypocrites with a pedigree.

    • Lol. #44 was already in the corner mostly turned around. Hence hitting the sidepod T-bone. I assume from the crass nickname you have given him that you are not a fan.

        • Seriously mate, it’s beyond tiresome now with the continuous LuLu reference. You may not like the guy, but at least offer him the respect of calling him by his name.

          And please don’t come back with that nonsense about how he was told by some reporter his nickname is LuLu and he was ok with it, so therefore you’ll continue to use it. And the same goes for you calling ROS, Britney.

          • he wasn’t told by a reporter, he was told by one of us F1 fans present gathered for the occasion, and I can assure you that the one talking to him was and is a fervent oneeyed fan of his, and yes he was OK with it after he demonstrated his McLaren, and as I said afterwards he signed caps for all of us present. As far as I know Rosberg’s “Britney” was a favoured nick name mostly by those of Lulu’s fan club like was crashdonador, Teflon, the finger and others, but I admit not the “Colgate kid” who is regarded as “one of ours” by them. this last one I seen it/read it first right on this site.

    • You, along with others, are clearly using this site as a sounding board to vent your spleen about Lewis, whom you evidently don’t respect or like, judging by your vacuous nickname for him.

      At least get your facts right, Lewis was already in position, hence penalty awarded against Valtteri by the stewards for causing a collision – but I suppose you had a better view from your armchair? Incidentally, Lewis wasn’t expecting Valtteri to be penalized, he felt it was a racing incident. It begs the question, what race were you watching!

  2. Hamfosu. Another hurtful name? Name calling is unkind. It’s a shame it’s come to that. curse the soul that hurt you and made you this way

    • Tifosi, Ti-fo–zi. a group of supporters. Tifosi=mixed gender or all-male group. Masculine sINGULAR = tIFOSO. feminine = SINGULAR = tIFOSA. feminine PLURAL = Tifose.

  3. according to what is called “the voice of reason (Senna)” you are no longer a racing driver if you do not try to take a gap “spells, door that has been left open” when there is one.
    Both Bottas in Bahrain and Kvyat in China where in a space left open on the racing tarmac, where the others involved were at the time, or were they were going or coming from does not change the fact that both Bottas and Kvyat had all the rights to be were they were (open tarmac racing space left open by others involved.

  4. RE: Bottas. There was no gap.
    Re Kvyatt There was a large gap
    Not that hard. Think about where bottas would have ended up had Ham not been there as a brake. Would he have made that turn. No of course not.

    • “RE: Bottas. There was no gap.”
      That’s just not true, a gap clearly existed. That’s how Bottas got his car there, alongside Lewis’s whilst keeping all four wheels on track and having the apex directly to his right hand side. Some might argue that he had the high ground at that point.

      “Would he have made that turn. No of course not.”
      He would have made the turn, but their lines were the opposite of each other. Lewis slow wide in for fast exit, Bottas faster & tight in, slower wider out. Massa took a considerably faster entry to the corner than Bottas, he didn’t end up in Persian Gulf did he?! The perception of entry speed into the corner was caused by Rosberg intentionally taking the corner slowly to ensure Lewis couldn’t get a run out of the corner on him and up towards T4.

      That’s what it’s a racing incident.

      • you can’t just take an opposing line regardless of what all the other cars are doing. If you do and it causes you to hit a car… maybe that’s a little bit your fault. Also he was only along side after the braking had long begun. If I don’t brake I will get alongside. they didn’t enter the turn together.

      • Am I missing something here, but did Bottas not state he miscalculated and braked way too late hence the lock up? Bottas’s line into that corner was in no way the conventional one.

        As for ROS intentionally taking the corner slowly, this is not the first time he has done this. He did it a the start in Sochi last year when taking the long left hander after T1.

          • that’s not the case. it’s called blocking if you slow with that intent?

          • Salvuborg….

            Do you remember what ROS did in Sochi last year when the SC was deployed?

            He braked immediately after existing T1, which nearly caused a massive accident involving Lewis and Kimi. He did this even though he had not reached the the SC lights. Brundle even felt what he did was stupid.

          • Blocking is the act of deliberately slowing your car to force another car to slow. This may no longer be a rule but it was once

          • Well, by that logic clearly it was Bottas at fault with Hamilton. Bottas hit Lewis’ side pod therefore Lewis was in front of Valterri. Contra would also have clearly been Vettels fault since pics clearly show Kvyats Front Wing ahead of Vettel’s prior to any contact.

            Fortunately it turns out that the actual rules are slightly more complicated than “the person in front can do whatever they like”. That way we always have plenty to argue about hahaha

          • I’m thinking a pod cast from all you would be entertaining and informative.

  5. There was a gap, in fact Bottas was in open racing space left open by Lulu, Bottas having been or not able to make the turn does not change the fact I am talking about.

    • Fortis, Yes I do remember the Sochi SC braking by Rosberg, and yes at the time I agreed with Brundle.

  6. Sorry no offence but its cringy to debate with someone using terms like Lulu. Perhaps you do it to put people off questioning you but its super wierd mate.

  7. Both first corner accidents in Bahrain and China involving the five drivers, Lulu/Bottas Kimi/Vettel/Kvyat would have been avoided if Lulu/Kimi/Vettel did not left the door open/ did not left the racing tarmac space for the others to take. both Bottas and Kvyat were presented with a tarmac racing space, they both had a right to take that space.

  8. If irony could be converted into a source of energy, then the world’s energy crisis would be solved off the back of this comments section alone.

    Sal, I’ve no clue what you’re saying half the time and I don’t like whingers. I also don’t like your continued attacks on Matt’s work either. BUT I dislike hypocrisy even more. Much more.

    As a result, I applaud you seeing through the new tactics. Let those hold themselves (and their friends) to the higher standards they espouse. I (highly) doubt that’ll happen as evidenced by the comments section two days ago and a podcast’s comfortable reflection of those racial / nationalistic barkings. Such things I don’t mind; in fact I find them hilarious… and nauseatingly weak. But let’s leave the righteous indignation at the door, shall we?

    Keep it up, Sal. Just take it a little easy on those who actually contribute to this site. They keep it alive.

    Oh, and welcome back, Richard. I’ve missed you. I occasionally use a wooden cooking spoon as a mic and pretend I’m you in front of the mirror. I’m not as funny… but a little better looking.

    Fortis… always a pleasure. Bark away.

    See you all in a few days. Long weekend for us here in Australia. ANZAC day. Lest we forget.




    • Oh I should bark away….

      Don’t really like dogs if I’m honest, but parrots I do like, so I’ll just chirp away…

      By the way, call the podcast you’re referring to by name and stop being a little bitch! It’s called “Missed Apex podcast” hosted by SpannersReady. Don’t linger in the dark like a troll, join in and say something, I know Spanners doesn’t bite, oh and I think he likes dogs too, so you’d fit in perfectly…

      Woof woof, sit WTF…good dog!

      • Point proven. I must say, on another note, over time you’ve made me reassess my stance on eugenics.

        I’m sure your shill will be ok. The holier-than-thou tactic was a little… well, I’ve already said it.


        • Hey, we all can’t be from the bloodline of egoistical sociopathic assholes like you mate.

        • Your response to fortis96 is nothing short of reprehensible. You’re clearly tormented and in pain. Tell me, were you bullied or maltreated during your formative years? Have you thought about psychological therapy? Psychopharmacology would be a waste, it’s generally accepted to be ineffective in the treatment of personality disorders. You could of course always consider a lobotomy, which if I were your consultant, would be the avenue I’d encourage you to take.

          Life sucks, eh?

          A dopo…..

    • I don’t like pretentious, egocentric, little bitches, who clearly have no interest in the sport but use this site and possibly others, to patronize other more intellectually challenged contributers, with the sole intention of encouraging their demonization of Hamilton. This seems to be a common pursuit of those who herald from the antipodes, this must be where cowardly trolls are made…..

    • ANZAC..a bunch of very brave soldiers and a credit to a often forgotten piece of the empire..we thank-you Sir we will never forget 🌹

  9. ok, everything is back to normal, I have posted three posts which didn’t got through, I was sure it had nothing to do with moderation of this site, in fact moderation has never been this good, I will repeat at least one of the posts which was a reply to Fortis later on when I return.

  10. As I said earlier I hit some problem while in dialogue on this page, the problem was technical and from on my side of the connection.
    Fortis thanks for that video, I did watch it, it changes nothing from what I said, my opinion.
    A note to TJ13 administration, why is it that some posts carry no (reply), can it be fixed?, that is resulting in replies not placing where they should place and so will lose most of their effect/meaning.
    Racers R, I consider “not having a clue what you are saying” as standard “linguicism/linguagism”, English not being my first language I never complain to others who are writing in their first language, when I do run in such understanding problems what I do is make some extra effort to understand, that is because I know that if I write/speak in any of the other four languages I can handle it will be the same with your likes.
    I had made it clear on here many a time that as long as an article writer/contributor writes and or contributes to a forum page he is exposing himself to disagreement by others, he doing it for free makes no difference.
    Their will always be scope for improvement, but what is for sure is that this site is getting ever better regardless of what some on here would or not like to hear/read.

  11. Racer’s R, I am used to “Having no clue what you’re saying”, its standard practice of some, its called linguistic discrimination, prejudice or called linguicism/ linguagism. I too sometime struggle to understand others but instead of complaining what I do is put in a bit more effort, just imagine if situation is reversed and you talk to me in my first language or any of the other of the four that suits me well. As to article writers/contributors once on a forum page they are logically open to disagreeing with, doing their writing for free makes no difference, add to that at the same time some are also active as posters.

    • You’re correct, Sal. I apologise.

      My lack of understanding your posts is as a result of me not investing enough effort into reading your posts thoroughly. Sincerely, I am sorry. I will just say, however, that I wasn’t referring to your linguistics but more that I often can’t understand the connections to the content that you’re trying to establish. Again, that’s my problem. Not yours.

      With respect to the authors here, I remain in disagreement with you. If they go, we’ve no site. Imagine life at Saward’s house, or Allen’s unit. It’d be quite shit. Food for thought.

      Anyhow, take care.


      • Racers, “Sawards house” Incidentally that you now has mentioned it that is what I was talking about on here some days ago when arguing about moderation and managing a site that includes a forum, i assure you that no connection whatsoever or particular liking from this side, but be assured that site a strictly one man managed has one of the biggest followers of all F1 sites from all over the world.
        With respect to the authors cum posters and moderator/s cum posters who double in their role I stand with all I said, they for sure are the biggest that can make or break a site.

  12. one thing TJ13 administration out to resolve to still improve this site some more is the missing “reply” on some of the posts, the result of not being able to click on reply when answering a post is the answering post will not drop-in where it is supposed too and so it will be rendered near meaningless.

  13. another thing which has been noticed these last days is as regards to commenting/posting comments the site looks like switching off the posting facility, this last switch off lasted 24 hours. your Honour am I correct in this?

      • Yes, I not only noticed that comments are not being moderated “lately” but even said that “moderating has never been this good” and that “that it is certainly a big improvement” on the way to put this site back to were it once was/belonged, (one of the best). Progress/improvement in the management of this site has certainly been in the right direction for the good of the site, and with “in Fortis own words” with much more less to do the job with, it is there for all to see, just notice the size of the comments/subject pages.
        “certain words used in comments will automatically enable it” Also understandable that, although that is not standard preferred procedure, standard preferred procedure is to “edit” the objectionable words followed by a “been edited note” like one of my posts had been “edited” this past Friday/Saturday. Now about my “note/s” to his Honour and or Fortis about the site “problems encountered”, Friday/Saturday I hit some problems posting/having posts getting through, I was convinced that it had nothing to do with moderating and or blogging, in fact my problem was technical and of which I managed to solve, but the other two notes stands, (missing reply on posts) and (posting facility being or at least seems to have been “switched-off” for a long period of time) and please do not, because it is not, take this in anyway as criticism, but take note and try resolve for the good of the site,

  14. “excessive quotation marks!” That’s a “new” one. which one will have to take care of from now on.
    But anyhow, still no comments on my two notes to your Honour (are they being skirted around?, was I correct/right or wrong?).

  15. And once again right this morning on another page/subject “Haas in F1) my posted comment was not let through and or did not register, is this some sort of new play-up/manipulation?

    • Due to previous comment style, your profile often gets held in a moderator queue. Please be patient, in time this will not be the case.

  16. Confirm what you are saying is correct, and apologise for not being patient, in fact my post on the other page has past moderation!! and did made it through.

  17. Keep comments about the article in question, one of the above threads has been closed down and comments have now been closed on this article.

    Please keep comments on topic and not a medium to attack each other. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

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