Indian Government to seek extradition of Force India boss


The wheels of justice may turn slowly in India, however it appears the final act in the Vijay Mallya/defunct Kingfisher Airlines saga is about to unfold.

Indian news outlets were reporting two years ago that Mallya had not paid staff for several months and even that one committed suicide due to income deprivation.

The Force India team boss now stands accused of fraudulently obtaining loans for Kingfisher Airlines and using the money to buy property abroad – along with defrauding the Indian taxation collection authorities. Mallya has had family property seized in Mumbai and now his passport has been revoked.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs will now prepare an extradition proposal to be sent to the UK government along with requesting Interpol to list Mallya as wanted.

Vijay Mallya is still believed to own the majority of shares in the Force India team – though these are being held as security by Diageo for monies they claim are outstanding. Another 42.5% of the F1 team is owned by Rubrata Roy who has now been in jail in New Delhi for over two years, having failed to repay investors he defrauded.

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  1. I would argue that the haircut, the ‘tache and whatever you’d call that little mirkin-affair under the bottom lip should be enough to secure a conviction and a stretch in one of Indias less salubrious hotels

  2. part of the Indian administration (government) helped him to get away from his country making use of a diplomatic passport. but now this/his adventure might be coming to an end. his problem now is he might not have the money to make/do “a Bernie” with the administration.

  3. It’s to make a million in F1, start with a billion😂 I have no doubt he won’t be living on benefits,unlike many of the workers. I am always stunned when someone who has it all manages to screw things up so bad that they lose everything. There is an element of risk that we all take in life but the need to plunder from those that have nothing is a trait that is beyond me and frankly it is revolting. We have all heard of how the airline staff had been treated and now I fear it’s going to be felt over at Force India. Those guys and gals have begged, borrowed and sold their souls to keep the wheels turning at the cash strapped team but with their main investors either in Jail or facing extridion there must be some worried people. I hope they can cut the ties and manage to stay afloat but as we have seen many times before,it’s a long shot.

  4. Good old Vijay! He seems able to keep one step ahead of his creditors. With the Indians apparently talking about extradition I would think he will hotfoot it to somewhere more secure than the UK who have an extradition treaty. I would think that the usual F1 bolthole of Monaco would be good choice for him as they seem unconcerned by such things as dodgy reputations as long as one pays the local taxes.

    • Good question – but past performance suggests this may well just be another chapter in this sorry longrunning saga…

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