A Hamilton that starts 6th is still going to challenge… | DN&C 15/04/16

“A Hamilton that starts sixth is still going to challenge for the win and we know that.”

Lewis has won at the Shanghai circuit for the past two years, collected the penalty after Mercedes decided to change his car’s gearbox ahead of Sunday’s third round of the season. “For me a challenge is an opportunity to rise,” said Hamilton, who has the words ‘Still I Rise’ emblazoned on his helmet and tattooed across his back. “I love racing so I get to race this weekend rather than be at the front and have less of a race.”

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Hamilton recognised it would be a tough weekend but said fighting through the field reminded him of his karting days, when others had better equipment and he had to make the difference. “Actually, the last couple of races, being a little further back has been really exciting,”

“It hasn’t really changed my approach at all,” Rosberg said of the Briton’s setback. “A Hamilton that starts sixth is still going to challenge for the win and we know that.”



In other F1 news

Up close and personal with Max (UK)

Broccoli, Bernie and beautiful friends: BBC 5 live F1 reporter Tom Clarkson gets up close and personal with Toro Rosso’s Max Verstappen ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix, which takes place in Shanghai this weekend.

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Toro Rosso need to sign Sainz over Verstappen

“Both are very good and very fast,” Johnny Herbert told the Spanish sports newspaper Marca.

“As I said before, they’re the future. I think Carlos is smarter than Verstappen, I see him using his head better, perhaps because Max is younger, but both are very good. But looking ahead, if I had to sign one of the two, I would choose Sainz. If the decision is taken by Helmut Marko then I don’t know what will happen, because sometimes his decisions with the drivers are a bit strange,”



Stewart says that if he was running Mercedes, he would pull the German carmaker out of F1

“I believe Mercedes will win both titles again this year,” Stewart told Brazil’s Globo Esporte. “But if I was a member of the decision-making group, I would propose that Mercedes leaves F1, as they once did in a similar situation,” the Scot explained

“I would stay as an engine supplier and make it available to those who want it, as Ford did with Cosworth. Everyone will want it and so the Mercedes name will continue to win. The Ford Cosworth was champion with us,” added Stewart, referring to his title-winning days with Matra and Tyrrell, “but today everyone remembers Ford Cosworth as they also won with McLaren, Williams, Lotus.”




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12 responses to “A Hamilton that starts 6th is still going to challenge… | DN&C 15/04/16

  1. Someone tell Jackie to go and sit his old tartan pants wearing ass down in front of an open fire!

    Would he have suggested the same for Ferrari? Anything to protect his legacy as being the joint most successful British driver in F1, for titles that is…..

  2. “But if I was a member of the decision-making group, I would propose that Mercedes leaves F1, as they once did in a similar situation.” – Stewart

    The situation is anything but similar. Mercedes left F1 as a result of the Le Mans catastrophe in 1955 where 83 spectators were killed and 120 were injured. It is, by some margin, the worst accident in the history of motorsport. Despite the outcome of the investigation at that time, and a reasonable mind understanding that it wasn’t Mercedes’ fault, the company felt huge responsibility / guilt / grief given it was a silver arrows that ended up in the stands. Understandably they left…

    The brand didn’t return to F1 until the mid 1990’s, however only as an engine supplier in a joint venture with Llmor.

    In short, there is no similarity. The situation today is the Mercedes brand, with sponsors, funds a team in Brackley; a team who’re continuing to develop one of the best chassis in F1. Also, they’re funding a PU facility in Brixworth; a facility that has developed a peerless PU for their factory effort, as well as for other teams on a customer basis.

    There is no sporting or economic reason for Mercedes to leave.

    It’s a strange notion and possibly the most disingenuous comment from JS I’ve ever read – unless I’m missing some critical context where the first Mercedes exit and JS’ suggestion marry in one beautiful, well crafted idea that is so good that it challenges the very space/time fabric of well crafted ideas.

    I think not.

    Given that, the following Ford-Cosworth history lesson he gives – implying that Mercedes may take the same path to achieve a greater level of legacy success if they leave à la 1955 than they might by continuing to win as a works team – is irrelevant. Ford didn’t walk away from what Mercedes have presently built.

    The bloke was a great driver, of that there is no doubt. 27 wins in 99 starts and 3 WDC’s in the climate that F1 was in at the time is extraordinary. A top-10’er in my opinion. Drove with a similar style to Jim Clark. But JS the old-timer is a little strange, to say the least.

    • I just wanted to comment on “Drove with a similar style to Jim Clark.”
      I did not see it that way. both greats, but I saw Jimmy run ~17 laps practice/quali at Mosport ’67 to take pole.
      by extreme contrast, I saw Sir JYS run about 100 laps in practice/quali (his last race at Mosport ’73) with about 75% of them exploring nearly every possible line to be certain to have some base line for race day offense and defense.
      sadly, only saw both JYS and Cevert a few laps at the next round at the Glen.
      a pure natural talent vs a hard working bull dog. both approaches obviously worked…
      to expand my opinion a bit, JYS’s style often seemed a wee bit herky jerky while Jimmy’s seemed buttery smooth.
      but that was a misconception!! having seen Jimmy a few years at Indy, Mosport was the first (and only) time I got to see him in a Grand Prix. wow. a mere dozen and a half super smooth boring laps before the race. the Lotus 49 HAD to be twice as good as anything on the grid…
      that is until I got my 8mm movie film developed and watched it frame-by-frame on the editor.. to the naked eye, the pre-race laps thru the double apex Moss Corner looked slow/precise/boring/buttery smooth. the editor clearly showed the ultimate perfection was fueled by every other frame showing the hands and front wheels pointing opposite of center for several seconds. remember this!!! that was EIGHT left to right steering wheel changes PER SECOND for several seconds!!!!! do NOT try this at home. you will get depressed.
      BTW, many may have seen a number of more recent big name drivers take a lap or 2 in a Lotus 49. all proclaim joy, but the on board videos show very clunky attempts at driving a beast… such was the brilliance and superiority of Jimmy and Graham, IMHO…

    • @RR –
      You got there first! When I first read it, I thought I’d missed a massive accident at the last gp! Glad to discover that it was just the ramblings of an old man.
      However, every time I read a JS quote I hear the voice of ‘Mad’ Max Mosley in my head (“…certified halfwit…”), and realise how much I miss his open contempt for Jackie/Flav/Ron, mostly when they were being bell-ends.
      Speaking of Stewart-Ford, I paid a quick visit to Edinburgh Museum at the weekend and find it impossible to go without taking a diversion to check out the Stewart F1 car they have on permanent display. Verstappen’s, in case anyone’s interested. It may be a little old now, but I never tire of seeing the constant stream of visitors circling In slack-jawed, wide-eyed, wonder.

    • BTW, fortis96, every now and then I spare a few moments to think of those poor 83 souls that perished on a nice day out at the races.
      To me, it’s Motorsports’ ’96’, if you take my meaning. (Except, without the shenanigans from the authorities).
      I think of them every time I see the “Motorsports are dangerous…” disclaimer on the ticket.

      • Today is the memorial service for the 96…..

        Real come down from last nights game at Anfield..

        • I know, mate. The last one at Anfield, I believe. Wish I were home at times like these…
          Fitting tribute, last night, tho. : )

    • a few more details: Jochen man-handled a 49b thru turn 8 at Mosport in ’69 to finish 3’rd. I mean as in over 5 degrees plus or minus neutral a half dozen times in turn 8 at ~ 160 mph for the entire race while I and many hundreds of others stood merely 80 feet away on the outside of the turn with a mere small dirt berm and a cow pasture fence as “protection”. ahhh. those were the days…
      and I gotta tell u that back then one crested the Andretti Straight, the front wheels came off the ground, the car came crashing down and one touched the brakes and turned right into a FAST, featureless, flat, long and no reference point turn 8. scared the hell outta me every lap in my F-Atlantic…
      while I done good, I was obviously NOT WDC material hahaha.
      on that day, Ickx gave the already crowned WDC JYS a driver’s lesson and ole’ man Jack (who never got his deserved accolades) finished second (remember he won here in ’67…

  3. Sounds like Max is making friends in the team and paddock😇 that is one problem with having a very driven parent,no matter how good you are you will always be tared with the same brush as your mentor.Max has shown some great driving over his 2yrs but IMHO he does tend to throw a pretty teen strop when its not going his way.I hope he will survive in F1 and maybe after a few more yrs growth he will show his metal

  4. I am beginning to like this new Hamilton that doesn’t whine all the time and actually seems to enjoy his work.

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