Schumacher wins twice on debut | DN&C 10/04/16


Schumacher wins twice on debut

Mick Schumacher, the 17-year-old son of stricken Formula 1 legend Michael, won two races on his Italian Formula 4 debut at Misano on Saturday. The first of his pair of victories came from second on the grid, while he overcame torrential rain to win again in the following round.


Mick will head to his native Germany next weekend to race in the German F4 tournament at Oschersleben.

He finished 10th overall in the Germany championship last season.


In other F1 news

Renault race pace not so far from Williams

Frederic Vasseur believes the Renault Sport F1 Team is not so far from Williams in terms of race pace and that the squad should be able to score points in China, providing they have a completely mistake-free weekend.

“Honestly, I can say I am impressed [with what I have seen so far]. The push and drive from the team is strong,” Vasseur said.

“That is not to say there are not improvements to be made. As everyone is learning, I am a stern taskmaster and there are many elements and details we’ll address. The key to success in motor racing is not just one aspect, it’s focusing on every detail. By making many small improvements we will work forwards.”

“We are generally where we expected to be, but equally some way short of where we all want to be,” he added.

“We know it’s a long term project, but that doesn’t mean we will sit back. I want everyone fighting as hard for the position in front whether it’s P10 or P1. That’s how we’ll regain the success we want.

“In terms of race pace there are positive signs; we’re not so far from Williams and we’re not so far from finishing with points.”

“We have finished both races so far as the first car outside of the points so inside the points is where we need to be.

“For this we don’t only need to add performance to the car, we need to ensure our weekends are mistake-free in every aspect.”


Hamilton: “I haven’t got to be a triple world champion just through luck”

“Everyone has their own way of working, but I’m certainly not taking it easy at the track or driving the car,”

“I haven’t got to be a triple world champion just through luck. There’s a reason I can [have] that number of race wins. I prepare at home before in my room, or on the flight.

“Do I enjoy my life? Absolutely. You can call it as you want. All people are different. It’s good when a character is unique.

“There are still far too many people who think that they have to adapt to be accepted.

“The more people who break out of this bubble and find themselves, the better.”


Grosjean: Career suicide claims proven wrong

With back-to-back points finishes, Romain Grosjean says those who thought he was committing “career suicide” by moving to Haas have been proven wrong.

Grosjean made an incredible start to Haas’ debut campaign, racing from 19th on the grid to sixth at the chequered flag in Melbourne.

Two weeks later he showed that it was not a fluke result.

The Frenchman qualified P9 in Bahrain and under the lights on Sunday finished an impressive fifth, vindicating his decision to leave Lotus for newcomers Haas.

“Some people said it was career suicide. I think they were wrong. Sorry guys,” he told Reuters.

“I made that choice because I believed in the project and I’ve seen enough to think that after a few years in Formula One it could be good.”

He added: “I said in winter testing we could score points early in the season.

“I was thinking that we would be fighting between 10th and 14th. Scoring so many points at the beginning, I don’t think anyone was expecting that.”



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24 responses to “Schumacher wins twice on debut | DN&C 10/04/16

  1. “The more people who break out of this bubble and find themselves, the better.” – Lewis Hamilton

    I wholeheartedly support Lewis’ life outside of the “bubble.” 😉


    • Exactly. But for me the more telling line is:

      “There are still far too many people who think that they have to adapt to be accepted.”

      It so often happens that you have to quack like the majority, indigenous segment of the population you’re surrounded by before people stop pointing fingers at you… There seems to be a vocal segment of the F1 world who won’t stop ridiculing and flaming Hamilton it seems for refusing to clone every single aspect of the average behavior of the indigens….

      • If you’ll excuse the pedantry…

        For mine, I’m not sure Lewis quite said what he meant.

        I’d suggest it’s a rolled-gold *fact* that far too many people have to adapt if they want acceptance and I’m certain that this situation is a sad state of affairs.

        Going along to get along, doing the done thing and keeping quiet when you don’t agree will generally get you accepted, but is that what you really want? Doubt it. Is it a positive thing? Nope.

        Sadly this is the case for far too many people.

        Lewis evidently doesn’t feel “accepted” by the F1 circus crowd because of the lifestyle he leads when away from the track. I doubt that this lack of acceptance will change any time soon. But it would seem he’s cool with that situation, which is, ultimately, the moral victory and what he wishes for those in similar situations.

        Breaking out of the bubble will rarely get you accepted. Respected, perhaps, if you’re lucky, but not accepted.

        Acceptance is something that can only be bestowed by “the mob” and it’s collective mentality. You gonna wait for that? Or just do your own thing and flip ’em the bird?

  2. Ha ha, if Renault want to get into the points quickly they just need to re-hire Symonds……
    Come to think of it, would probably improve Williams fortunes too……

  3. hahaha. I remember The Judge heavily chastising a commenter for quoting Planet F1. and yet, here we are … highly laughable IMHO.

    • To me, it depends on the content: even the worst sites / tabloids have journalistic standards and if they write quotes, these are generally true.

    • Winston Churchill: “The greatest lesson in life is to know that even fools are right sometimes.”

      Richard Bach: I’ll quote the truth wherever I find it, thank you.

      Nuff said?

  4. What has TJ13 become? Just another search engine? I think this pretty much signals the end of this site.

    And please not another Schumacher. The last generation nearly finished me for good but I’m still here. The last thing we need is spoilt brat Verstappen battling against spoilt brat Schumacher.

    • Daily News and Comment feature is purely for readers to comment on well known quotes gathered the previous day. We’ve brought forward our new youtube show so we’re still putting forward new and alternative content, particularly when compared to other F1 sites.

  5. Wow…that photo of Michael Jr is just made my neck hairs raise,there is no question of that kids DNA. I just hope…and I know it’s not going to happen..he gets left alone and not hounded by the press. He has a right to find his own path and to learn his trade without the spotlight. I just think of what he is missing with his Dad being as he is, just think of the coaching he could have got,now he probably gets it from Ralph and sadly thats no substitution. Well done Jr,your making your own mark and beginning to step out of a huge shadow now show us what you can become,you do yourself proud

    • Fortis,Are you hinting at a possible skirting of rules by the older Shoemaker? From my own personal experience, parking is a nightmare in Monaco and who hasn’t tried to fill their car up quicker by using the trucks diesel fuel pump?😇

      • Who me sir? I would do no such thing as dear to criticise our dear Lord Schumacher.


      • the above two should keep in mind that they are talking about the most Successful formula one driver ever up to this day.

        • He was still not averse to cheating. Plus he had the benefit of the whole team working to get him wins and always a compliant No 2 driver. Just saying. 🙂

        • The carefully calculated statistics at F1 Metrics would politely disagree with that assessment of MSC’s F1 career.

          Any knowledgeable follower of the sport, whether a Schumacher fan or not, knows fine well that he benefited from a lack of decent competition in the Ferrari years. Mika Hakkinen’s early retirement from the sport severely impacted on MSC’s closest competitor, through a misguided belief that new blood such as Kimi, was capable of keeping Michael honest.

          Plus before he became the absurd meglomeniac now diverting the FIA away from motorsport in pursuit of his own deification – Jean Todt inflicted his unsporting ways during his Ferrari tenure, to further enhance the magnificent statistics credited to MSC.

          The way Todt ran that team effectively means another driver should be credited in respect of Schumacher’s technically individual achievements.

          • @Guy
            The carefully calculated statistics at F1 Metrics would politely disagree with that assessment of MSC’s F1 career.

            I’m following F1Metrics with keen interest and this is certainly not what I take from there. From the all time rankings:

            “[…] from 1992-2006, Schumacher outperformed every teammate he had — most by incredible margins.”

            The model awards Schumacher the championship each year from 1993-1998, 2000-2002, and 2004.

            This last bit—10 WDCs in equal machinery—was ever matched only by Alonso. Overall, Schumacher ranks 4th outmatched by Fred only by very, very little (ranked 3rd). As to Hakinnen, his rankings are generally quite modest (56th). His two WDCs came in part courtesy of the dominant Newey-built McLaren (Newey chassis in bold):


            In equal cars it is likely Hakinnen would have got from Schumacher a similar drubbing that Raikkonen and Massa got from Alonso. In the period from 1993 to 2002, Schumacher was outperformed only once… gasp… by Frentzen. Hakkinen however has never outperformed Schumacher in any given year:


            So while Schumacher had an obvious penchant for assertiveness and aggressiveness and the occasional cheating, always making sure that the his team worked around him and delivered him what he needed while benefiting from clear #1-#2 Ferrari policies and team orders, there is no hiding from the fact that he was bloody quick, and that his place is secure in the pantheon of greatest F1 drivers…

  6. Vandoorne in Brussels today and alonso in shanghai. Should we conclude that he’ll be back in the car?

    • I suspect so. Surely preparation is key for him given his lack of time in the car, thus if Stoff was going to drive I would have expected he rather than Fernando to already be in China.

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