Ecclestone: “I was confused”

ecclestone confused

Bernie Ecclestone is backing a revision of the new qualifying format tried in Australia. This will see Q1 and Q2 run as in Melbourne though with more time (to be decided) allowed for these sessions. Hopefully a greater time gap will be allowed before each elimination too.

Reflecting on the Australian GP qualifying, Ecclestone “I was also confused as it was the first run and all the variables couldn’t have been predicted, like how everything was decided in Q3. We can improve.”

The F1 supremo has made somewhat of a U-Turn over the past few days since his initial scathing response to the new qualifying format, which he described as “pretty crap.” Once again Bernie is about to set the cat amongst the pigeons according to La Gazzetta as the majority of the teams want to revert to the pre-2016 qualifying style sessions. “The teams are discussing that and they want to go back,” he said. “If I were to give an opinion, I would say we will continue with the format from Australia.”

The tweak suggested is that Q3 is run as in 2015 and there will be a hurried e-vote from the members of the F1 commission prior to the Bahrain GP. The World Motorsport Council will then ratify any agreement.

If agreement for change is not reached then the qualifying format will remain as it was in Melbourne.

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  1. I still find it remarkably surprising how these people can make all of these big decisions and not even think about things and see the expected results. They are “surprised” that something like qualifying would have the result they wouldn’t expect, but if they did some simple simulations, or even used their common sense, they would realize how it would have played out. Hell I realized how it would play out with just common sense!

    Is the commission and FIA just throwing ideas in a hat and whatever they pull out they all just agree on it without even discussing or even thinking about what the idea is.

    I have one for you FIA/Bernie/F1 Commission. Every car should have a stuffed animal taped to the front of it to help capture the “young” generation. And the stuffed animal that is the most intact by the end of the race gets 5 points.

    • It was curious to see Force India the ONLY team to vociferously rebel against reverting to old quali rules. While he did make some sensible points, Bon Fernley once more felt like a disturbance in the force, just like almost exactly 12 months back when he strangely found himself allied to Darth Sidious:

      Whenever Force India finds itself supporting a position defended by Ecclestone *and* requests for advance payments have been recently made, it is safe to assume that the Sith Lord has worked his dark charms to subvert others to the dark side…

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