2016 Castrol #TJ13 #F1 GP Predictor League – Now Open For Business

GP Predictor


The 2016 TJ13 League

Special thanks to Dave Pyett for setting this up!! Now hit the link before it’s too late!!

Go on, you know you want to…

Unique league no. 6fda8ed0e8220f4a9db70b79086c2794

8 responses to “2016 Castrol #TJ13 #F1 GP Predictor League – Now Open For Business

  1. This is really confusing via phone browser. I opted to login via Facebook to save time, but then I’m told I need to either create a new thing, or sign in to an existing one – where do I go from there?

    The link above just defaults to the main page. Can I even do this from my phone, or do I need to find a computer?

    Thanks in advance … I hope it’s worth it!

      • Thanks! Have entered with my team name mojofilters. Made my Bahrain predictions, so I guess got nothing to do until then. Weirdly already have 19 points, putting me ahead of some folks.

        Is there a more sophisticated fantasy F1 anyone can recommend? I’ve signed up for a few in the past, but never got round to choosing a team and so forth.

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