Battle of the F1 Christmas Cards


‘Tis the season to be jolly indeed, and just as in 1914 when a cessation of hostilities was announced on the western front between the German soldiers and the English, the F1 paddock unites for a brief moment in time to share in the Christmas festivities.

Bernie Ecclestone is famed for producing a witty Christmas car which he sends to his friends and foes alike, though the messages inserted do not necessarily promote peace and goodwill to all men (and women). In 2014, the F1 supremo chose to depict the outcome of certain events which took place in a Bavarian court. This was somewhat self deprecating, though the mischief aimed at the proprietary of the German legal system was unmissable.


This year offering from Bernie has just been revealed, as the Judge allowed us a peek at his personal post which arrived this morning.

An apologetic Lewis Hamilton is depicted showered with early Christmas presents at the US Grand Prix in November. Overtones are evident of ‘cap-gate’ which ensued after the race along with Nico Rosberg’s ‘Johnny-come lately’ post Austin run of form which had Hamilton fans scratching their heads

bernie 2015 card

However, the prize of wittiest card of the year must go to Red bull Racing who tweeted their offering a couple of days ago. There is appropriately a prophetic element to the Red Bull message which sees Toto Wolff being run down by a prehistoric Fred Flintstone car, powered by the feet of Daniel Ricciardo and his Russian team mate.

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