F1 loses a vital asset

carmenjordaF1 fans were concerned when Adrian Sutil was dropped by Sauber for the 2015 season, because this raised the important question: who was there now for the FOM TV director to focus on when the on track action was less than exciting? Adrian Sutil’s girlfriend, Jenifer Becks, was a regular favourite for that all important scenery ‘filler shot’ which many modern sporting TV directors like to include.

Yet the future of the Sunday imagery was proven to be safe because Lotus appointed Carmen Jorda as their ‘development driver’. Jorda is also an actual racing driver of Spanish descent, and had competed both in Indy Lights and GP3. But most importantly for the 2015 season, Carmen was regularly available in suitable attire for the all-important ‘cut aways’ required by FOM TV.

We’ve been privileged to see Carmen in a variety of settings over this year, from sipping water from an appropriately tilted bottle, to wandering around the garage in the hotter climates clad in Lotus branded shorts and a vest.

The Lotus development driver has also proved to be a vital part asset for the commercial partners of Genii.

But it appears both Lotus (or whatever they are to be called) and Formula One is about to lose one of its vital assets for 2016. Carmen Jorda posted this yesterday.

Of course Suzie Wolff has also now retired from F1, so the gossip on the lips of the global F1 fanbase is all about who will be replacing Carmen Jorda on our screens in 2016. Suggestions on a postcard please

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  1. Let’s hope it’s not a Monaco grid boy called George, Seb won’t be happy about that…😉😉..😂😂

  2. The Spanish version of the tweet says “the last one of the year” so it probably just means that they’re taking their year-end break.

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