Matt’s Presser Notebook: Team Personnel Edition, Abu Dhabi

Brought to you by TheJudge13 contributor Mattpt55 – the best in FIA Press Conferences looked at slightly irreverently  

Ever wonder what the drivers and team principals really think at the pressers? Wonder if the Telly left anything out? Now you can find out yourself in the all new #TJ13 Feature Presser Notebook ready for you to peruse at your leisure. Enjoy. Like technical documents, too, but can’t find them anymore on the FIA site? Worry not, just check out the #TechF1 series published before each Grand Prix, right here on #TJ13.

Team Personnel Presser Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


5 responses to “Matt’s Presser Notebook: Team Personnel Edition, Abu Dhabi

  1. Since I have become totally addicted to the podcast I can’t help but read anything penned by the quill of mat trumpets without the narrative inside my head interspersing every third or forth word with his New York jive twang or hearty and infectious laugh. Since all the on track action has all but dried up I have been sucking the contents of dozens of previous podcast publications dry and am now back to last May, after having neglected them for ages. To anyone who hasn’t started already….SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST IMMEDIATELY! And enjoy the magic of the trumpets !

    …ps try to ignore the drivel spouting from #44 spanners. I don’t think that he can help it 😉

  2. I totally love the ‘akward’ text balloon. I guess Toto could do with some explaining.

    And i will follow up Schumerak on that podcast tip. I think i’ve got some catching up to do.

    • Nothing to explain there.
      Horner taking the piss.
      Just like the whole ‘will they have an engine next year’ all season long has been Red Bull having a laugh at the F1 world at large when we hang on to every word uttered/written about it…..

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