Mark Webber claims world title


The Judge will be absent for a day or so, following certain promises made by Mrs. Judge contingent on the final result of the 2015 WEC drivers’ champoinship.

In a dramatic finale at the 6 hours of in Bahrain WEC race, Mark Webber and team mates, Brendon Hartley and Timo Bernhard, scraped across the line as WEC world champions following technical troubles that saw their car number 17 come home just fifth. This gave Andre Lotterer, Marcel Fassler and Benoit Treluyer a shot at winning the drivers’ title in desert if they could win the race.

However, the other LMP1 Porsche car prevailed at the chequered flag and Lotterer and co. finished second, handing the Aussie his first world title.

Webber, Hartley and Bernhard have won four of the eight WEC races this season.


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  1. Wasn’t a massive Marky-Mark fan, even as an Aussie, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy for Aussie-Grit-Webbo.

    He had a very decent F1 career, and then on the “wind-down” of it all he resets his career peak to become FiA world endurance champion – and at a time when the series is at its hottest and most intense in years.

    Good work, mate.

    On another note, Vettel won RoC with some impressive driving against some very good drivers. Fan or not, it’s a good representation for F1 – like when he and Schumacher used to dominate RoC.


    • Did he just brand himself a hypocrite? After all his repeated rhetoric of how ‘easy’ current F1 cars are to drive….. Hmmm ok

      • …and coming from a bloke who’s biggest achievements come from racing in oval-based series, only turning left and not braking.

        Oversimplification? Probably… but it’s the Internet and the word “Internet” is Latin for oversimplification.

        Despite all that, Waarn Publow is the best chance in international motorsport of being the second person to do the “triple crown” after G.Hill – which is winning the F1 Monaco GP, Indy 500 and LMP1 24hrs of Le Mans.

        • [mod: please refrain from calling contributors to the site derogatory names]… do you know how hard it is to turn left for 500 miles at faster speeds then f1 has ever seen? Montoya was f1 champion material, he could have been in 2003 not for Brawn’s ferrari intervention on the tyre specs. hate all you like, us fans know he is a true champion. by the way, have you forgot he won at Monaco, and in brazil twice (where senna won only once, and lewis Hamilton never!!!). he won 7 f1 races in total, and had 5 pole positions in a row against Schumacher in a better Ferrari. show some respect.

          also your comment about f1 drivers at RoC, you do realise no one really cares all that much at that event, it is all a bit of fun, it proves nothing. it is best of 3 lap events, with many f1 drivers losing. you cant judge driving talent in that at all and say f1 is better then other series. it is a demonstration event, not some sort of world championship event.

          • Modded for being derogatory? How undignified… and in only our first exchange.

            That aside, I do admire your support for the last overweight driver to have graced an F1 cockpit… but slightly lifting the throttle and subtly veering left, lap after lap, doesn’t get my juices flowing.

            As for 2003, what is interesting is that JPM finished behind Raikkonen – also running a Michelin-shod car.

            If you subscribe to the view that Brawn-Ferrari-Bridgestone undermined Michelin’s then “legit” superiority through politicking, and had that not happened JPM would’ve beaten Michael, then how would JPM have beaten Raikkonen?

            At best, it could only be argued that in ’03, Raikkonen should’ve/could’ve been champion had that politicking not taken place. Of course, should’a-could’a-would’a… and if my auntie had balls, she’d be my uncle.

            And if FiA didn’t change the tyre rules in for ’05, Michael would have that title too… and so on, and so forth.

            And, and, and… but, but, but… 😀

            Oh, here’s something chuckle-worthy.



  2. Judge, did you include in the bet’s paperwork, that old Bro clause that covers not having to hear “I told you so” for the rest of your life?

  3. And it was a good race too, having started with a throttle problem on the Porsche which had to be bodged and then a blast through the field from the back. Excellent stuff.

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