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27 responses to “Rate the Race: FORMULA 1 GRANDE PRÊMIO PETROBRAS DO BRASIL 2015

    • LOL – gave it a 10 also.

      Seems Lewis doesn’t realise that his post-race rhetoric suggests he doesn’t want to be limited to winning “on track” only… and needs a strategy trick.

      Curious. I thought he was a “racer”.

      • You do know that Bruznic made that comment yesterday when the link was inadvertently put up after qualifying, right?…😜😂

        • I had no idea… omg!

          My whole comment changes.

          New comment:

          Pffft… 10. Whatever! Barely a 2!

          It was a procession and Lewis was cheated out of the victory by Toto. It’s so obvious. So why don’t you just shut up, Bruznic?! Why don’t you just shut your damn mouth.

          What’d Vettel ever do?! Remember Multi-21? Hardly a champions attitude.

          Lewis is a racer – we all know this from his karting and RC days. So if he couldn’t do it, no one could. Fuck Mercedes and their one strat policy. They’re clearly favouring Nico.

          I’m not watching another F1 race until the next one!

          • Now go to your room and don’t come out until you clean that foul mout of yours… Rude 😂😂😂😂

          • Jeez. Clearly I’m to fast to follow for you. Looks like you’re hamilton and im Rosberg 😂

  1. 71 line a stern parade laps….. Championships was over 5 races ago, Mercedes need to loosen the reigns and just let them race

    • Maybe… Would have been good to see Vettel trying his hardest to keep Lewis behind him if they had given him free reign over strategy. And a Merc 1-3 would at least break things up a bit.

      Mind you, Lewis’s comments on the podium about being unable to pass were a bit wide of the mark – if Verstappen with the second worst engine on the grid could pass Merc and Ferrari powered cars in to the first corner it shows it is more than possible to pass here.

      • You are comparing pears with chicken, not really the same thing. But if you’re going down that line, look how easy the Mercedes, Ferrari, Williams and Red Bull get pass Max and the cars he overtook. It only goes to show how It gets when you get to the big boys.

        Max in the Mercedes behind Nico would not have gotten close to overtake him either. We’ve been hearing about this all season, look at Lewis v Seb in Spain, Seb v Bottas in Bahrain. Unless you’ve got a car with a massive pace and power advantage, you’re not going to get close enough to overtake.

  2. My god that was really boring. Not even Mad Max and Mad Mal could liven it up. Nice to see Nico being given a nice easy win. 😉

    • “Unless you’ve got a car with a massive pace and power advantage, you’re not going to get close enough to overtake.”

      Sorry, I must have misunderstood the complaints emanating from Milton Keynes then – I always thought the Renault engine was at a power disadvantage to the Mercedes. As Max managed to overtake two Merc powered cars on the sector of the track where power is most important I guess I must have got that wrong…

      The simple fact is that Nico managed the race to perfection. He let Lewis burn out his tyres without letting him close enough to seriously challenge while carefully preserving his own car. Lewis didn’t have the pace advantage and instead blamed the track for his inability to challenge. He either didn’t want to push hard enough to force it, or wasn’t able to. But others showed overtaking was possible so he needs a better excuse.

      • Have a read of this, if you don’t get it then maybe reading the words of Paddy and Toto will help.


        Max overtaking cars that were on worn tyres compared to his fresher set, is something you can’t compare to the Mercedes, especially since he was lapped by both Mercedes and Ferrari’s.

        We’ve seen and heard Nico say the same thing in China, we’ve seen Lewis have the same problem against Seb in Spain, Seb having the same issue against Bottas in Bahrain. It’s not a complaint, it’s a known fact, overtaking your teammate is very difficult this year.

        But you’ll form your own opinion no matter what’s put in front of you.

        • I can’t quite believe it, but I agree with Fortis. Overtaking with no advantage in car pace, tyres or real driver pace advantage makes it damn tricky to pass. Rosberg should know, we the a reversal of the same race in Canada.

          Damn boring race. 4/10 for the midfield action.

        • To me, the main difference between this race and Lewis/Seb and Seb/Bottas is that in those two cases the driver trying to overtake was crawling over the back of the other car for lap after lap. We never saw that here. The only time Lewis was anywhere near Nico was when he did a ‘last of the late brakers’ in to turn 1 and made up about 10 car lengths, only to lose it all again as he’d overcooked it. Yes, Max was on newer tyres but (a) his engine was down on power compared to the cars he passed and (b) he was close enough to actually make the pass.

          As for strategy – did you read my original comment? I know that Lewis wanted to try something different but the team pointed out he’d more than likely end up behind Seb if he did.

          Passing is hard – I’m not arguing that. However, Lewis complaining about it when he wasn’t ever in a position to even try is not the right attitude. The fact he burned his tyres trying to even keep up shows he never had the pace. It would have been the same story if the two had qualified opposite, Nico would have been stuck behind Lewis unable to pass.

          (By the way, the earlier comment was meant to be in reply to you, not Admiral Buzzard, no idea why it ended up here)

        • Errrr…..would you mind if I don’t read that fortis?

          Reason is seen some headlines this morning attributed to Paddy and Toto saying Fezza is a force to be reckoned with. WTF are they on do you think? Race had have been longer the Fezz would’ve been lapped too. So bottom line is one can only swallow so much bullshit at one time….

      • The inability to follow closely is one of the reasons why they’re looking to make drastic changes to the cars for 2017.

        If you listened to the podcast, you would’ve heard Matt and the guys discussing the same issue.

        • Sorry, tried the podcast one, didn’t like the style.

          However, Fortis, you are teaching your grandmother to suck eggs here… (Oh, wait… that’s maybe not the best expression…)

          I’ve been on for years about the need to alter the aero to allow cars to follow. Not just these last few seasons where it has got really serious but back in the 00s. If F1 is to be a sport and not a demonstration of who can build the fastest car then you need those cars to be less dependent on what they follow – and also for the cars to leave cleaner air behind them. Mechanical grip over aero is the key here. Look at the series like the BTCC where there is little or no aero and look how good the races are.

  3. This race did not feel like a proper Interlagos GP. Have they been messing with camera positions or the sound? The whole place looked soulless, cars looked slow and unexciting and the sound was as dull as the racing. It’s a 2 because I did not fall asleep.

  4. Pretty ordinary race. At the lap 40 I got off the sofa and continued watching from kitchen where I was cooking my lunch.

  5. Same old soporific sh!t. I no longer bother to watch the races when transmitted on BBC. Much more like this and I won’t bother watching F1 at all. I don’t think that anything short of a total rethink (engine, fuel, aero, tires) is capable of reviving this animated corpse.

  6. May I suggest a year end poll to assess people’s enthusiam with current F1 and the future?

    From 0 to 5, zero being no enthusiasm and 5 the most possible.

    I wonder whether I’m the only one who is struggling with F1 nowadays.

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