How would you rate the 2015 Mexican Grand Prix? Please use the comments below to tell us why you voted the way you did.

14 responses to “Rate the Race: FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO DE MÉXICO 2015

  1. More interested in how FIA circumnavigate Nico’s failure to present his racing clobber for the weigh in. Bizarre on his part….

    • Give the guy a break, he hasn’t won a race since before the summer break. He has forgotten about what to do when you win…😎😎😎

    • Reprimand seems the most reasonable response.

      (Is not remembering credentials like Nickname and mailadress new WP or iOS behaviour?)

  2. Safety car ruined the race. Was going to get interesting after all the 2 stoppers made their second tyre change. Cheers Seb, 5/10.

  3. I gave it 7:
    5 > its an F1 race
    +2 > a new track that looks liks a real track, passionate fans close to the action, no massive asphalt, some history
    -2 > more merc domination
    +1 > at least Nico won for a change
    +1 > Kimi making a nice comeback from the back
    -2 > Kimi trips over and out, Vettel can’t pressure the Mercs
    +1 > the Red Bulls show us something for once
    Net Total = 7. (In hindsight, should have been 6 with another -1 for the safety car ruining the strategic plays without adding anything extra)

    • I think -1 for Honda extending Alonso’s DNF record. McLarens floundering is getting as boring as Mercedes winning.

  4. That was an awesome race to view on the timer. The splits between Nico and Lewis all race were epic. Lewis would put in a 23:0, Nico betters it with a 22:8, Lewis comes back and then Nico overhauls him again. Fantastic stuff. Anyway. Like I pointed out in my post yesterday , it’s all about the first corner with these two.

    • I don’t know if it can be an awesome race when, for entertainment, you have to watch the timing screens for action between two cars where their drivers race is already over. It was a yawner.

  5. I gave it a 6, this track just shows what different cars could do. There wasn’t much in it for drivers other than to drive what the car could do, which is a bit of a shame.

  6. Still have to watch my recording. Word at coffee machine at work was that in general the viewers fell asleep and felt that they wasted their time.

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