#F1 Qualifying Review: 2015 FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO DE MEXICO


Ambient 15° Track 16° Humidity 100% Wind 4.1 m/s

Rosberg led Hamilton by 0.014s at the end of FP3 with Riccardo the Red Bull cat amongst the proverbial pigeons, a tenth behind the Mercs and a tenth ahead of Vettel. Raikkonen’s engine complained bitterly enough about the thin air that it gave up altogether and might be very well looking at grid penalties should it need to be replaced. Perhaps Ferrari have employed him as a kind of bad luck magnet to shield Vettel. If so, they are definitely getting their money’s worth (/humour). Bits and pieces include Button being out of Quali altogether duee to random engine fault, supposedly thinner air helping the Renault turbo make Red Bull look a bit silly for complaining about engines and 2nd laps being faster.

AS always it was the Mercs leading the way in Q1, spectacularly fast on the Medium tyres and setting the early pace, with the rest squabbling over P3 and down even on the Soft tyre. IT wasn’t till Vettel came out late and took P1 away with the softer tyre that anyone looked even close. Rosberg came back out on the Option tyre to retake P1 but Lewis chose to remain in the pits and save a set of tyres.

Of course the real focus of Q1 is the brutal battle to make Q2 and it was fierce for P16 with Alonso and Nasr trading P16 but at the end neither able to displace Grosjean from P15. Rossi was riveting in taking P18 away from his teammate and both Manor’s had some rallycross practice during the session to liven things up a bit.

Q2 featured the fantastically strange decision of Ferrari to put Raikkonen out on the Prime tyre and it immediately paid dividends as the rear snapped ot on him under braking and ended his efforts rather prematurely. Vettel was able to carrry on admirably and Hamilton waltzed to P1 and was first driver into the 1:19’s. Vettel managed to get ahead of Rosberg by .008 and P2 but once again it was the bottom of the order that provided the real entertainment as Verstappen and Massa both managed to pull themselves into the top 10 well after the checkers dropped. Both Force India’s made it through as well and the Lotii looked tapped out, P12 and P13 for Grosjean and Maldonado respectively. Ericsson was the other loser in P14, but, not so much as his teammate who failed to make Q2.

The big boys came out to play in Q3 and unlike the last session it was Rosberg straight to the top and Hamilton again unable to answer. Vettel was P3 and the only other driver to hit the 1:19’s. Coming out after the interval for the final runs the track seemed to turn against the drivers with Hamilton unable to improve on his times and only Vettel getting some faster sectors in, but without the ability to improve his place. Confusion reigned with Hulkenberg as the Force India, out on it’s only run, mistook warm up and timed laps and had a rather lengthy chat with his engineer about it. Sadly the last bit of excitement dissipated as Lewis went wide on his 2nd lap after the checkers taking away any chance he might pressure Rosberg.

Good on Red Bull as Kvyat and Ricciardo claimed P4 and P5 behind Vettel and a nice showing by Verstappen in P8, tucked in behind the Williams, who have to be wondering what has happened to their early season advantage.

Another swing and a miss for Lewis after his 50th pole but that 3rd WDC will no doubt help console him, Rosberg again is in the catbird seat and happily enough with the penalties we will have some decidedly out of place drivers to liven things up.

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7 responses to “#F1 Qualifying Review: 2015 FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO DE MEXICO

  1. The coverage was absolute crap! Didn’t see any of the laps done by the top guys. Cars out on track setting times and they’re showing the bloody pit lane. Thank god for the interactive service.

    • I agree. It seems if there is anything interesting happpening on track that the tv director will cut to some part of the crowd, or some vague celebrity in the paddock, or the new trendy out of focus shots.
      It appears that Vettel is continuing to pass on any bad luck to his team mate. Webber had it before, now it is Räikkönen’s turn. I feel sorry for whichever driver they choose to team up with Vettel in 2017.

    • How can you say the coverage was crap when we saw Carmen Jorda, you do realise showing her is more important as seeing fast laps of the top guys ?…yes I was being sarcastic, I’m very close to becoming gay now if they keep showing her, ok she looks fine, but I don’t watch F1 to see good looking women when there’s action on the track…sigh !

    • The only part that was crap was the parade of Lewis ass kissing praises by the Sky team.

      • Well I’d advise you to skip the pre-race build up, because there’ll be a lot more ‘ass kissing praises’for Lewis from the good ole boys at Sky.

        But hey, maybe you’ll have fun playing with hello kitty…..

        • Must admit, it is all a bit silly the praise. Herbert and Hilly are rather dim-witted, and genuine analysis seems a stretch too far most of the time. Though, Coulthard is equally as… Oh i could go on. Smart people don’t generally end up in punditry roles, i guess, is what im trying to say. Shame they have so much power over mass opinion. Duuuuuhhhh whaaaa? I think we should all watch sky Deutschland for awhile!

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