Driver of the weekend: 2015 Russian Grand Prix



Who was your driver of the 2015 Russian Grand Prix weekend? This takes into account the whole weekend and not just the race. Please use the comments to tell us why you voted the way you did.

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  1. I went for Carlos Sainz and his unrewarded battling drive through the field and reminding us that Max Verstappen is not the only young driver who can bloody drive an F1 car. Sergio Perez and Valtteri Bottas are also worthy nominees for Driver of the Race and only Perez got a fitting reward for a fault-less drive, were I not to vote for Sainz, I would happily give it to Perez.

  2. In truth Perez owes his podium to 4 other people:
    – Hulkenberg for spinning out and leaving him to 6th place. Otherwise Hulk had the position.
    – Grosjean for the safety car which allowed them to gamble on the early pit stop. This proved crucial as when all the pit stops finished he was actually 2nd for a few moments.
    – Ricciardo for holding everyone back for so long
    – Kimi, for obvious reasons.
    In the end though, nobody expected him to be there.

  3. Not Perez because this is for the whole weekend and not just the race. Rosberg because he led in a FP, got pole, and managed to hold off Ham into the first lap.

  4. Vettel. Because this drive was more than ferrari was able to… ok a bit of luck with Rosberg. But bottas had a quicker car…

  5. I won’t assimilate just for assimilation’s sake. Went for Perez, thought about Sainz, but after reading he felt dizzy for 10 laps… He should’ve parked his car.

    • I won’t assimilate just for assimilation’s sake.”

      Then you’re not a true, authentic assimilator… you are Borg / Verstapo only by name. Perhaps you married into it.


      IT’S A TRAP!

      (Star Wars)

      *Pew Pew*

  6. I must be in the wrong place – Verstappen didn’t win!
    Was going to vote for Kimi – but sarcasm does not work well in print!?!

  7. Driver of the weekend, …well young Carlos may have driven well on Sunday from the back of the grid but he did plant it in the wall in the first place so really Sergio has to get my vote.

  8. Probably Nico Rosberg for me. Up until his car issue he’d nailed everything perfectly over the weekend, hence I didn’t choose Lewis this time.

    Sainz put a good drive in on Sunday, but unless I’m mistaken, it was his own error on Saturday that caused his off, and such a mighty error removes him from the running for me. Vettel did well too, given that pace of that Williams, but he ballsed up his start a bit.

    Perez? He just got a bit lucky really and things fell into his lap.

    • What are you talking about? Sainz wasn’t the reason for his crash. His brake locked up sending him into the wall. Invaded you missed it, people were locking their brakes up a lot during practice and qualifying. So to say it was his own fault is just utter nonsense.

      You say Perez got lucky, but unless I’m mistaken, Perez was comfortably holding that position until those final 2 laps.

      • Sainz his fault because He did set his brakes to the back… and then he lost it. And perez would be fifth. At best if the fins didn’t crash… and it was with luck that he came to his high position, nonetheless luck is what people need to get good results.

        • It was his front left tyre that locked first and not the rear. And who’s to say if he had set it forward the same wouldn’t have happened?

        • Sainz explained in spanish that they -the team- decided to change the settings of the brakes and the braking point in the turn he crashed just like they change a hundred other things every weekend to see if that helps to find a better time. It didn’t work, they didn’t expect a crash.

        • Nonsense, it can also happen when the brakes and tires are cold. And as we saw in qualifying, drivers were continually locking their brakes up, especially into that very same corner he crashed in.

          • Who should know that his brakes and tires are cold and act accordingly? The driver.

            You keep telling me that other drivers made the same error, but that doesn’t support your point. The issue is that Sainz did it to such an extent that he crashed bigtime, which turns it from a small error into a mighty one.

  9. Checo for me, continues his habit of being up there when it matters.
    Take note Hulk.

    Opinion: Seb getting more and more respect every race in the Ferrari than ever possible with the Red Bulls(hitters).
    Good career move, hmm, wonder why is he suddenly so likeable this year 🙂

    • That was my prediction: Vettel would get alot more love from fans at Ferrari.
      It also helps that he’s living his childhood dream (driving for Ferrari) and because of it, acts like a little kid (joking around).

      • good call indeed.
        the dnac video certainly made it look like a press conference for 12 year olds.
        rubbing what in the cockpit, snigger, snigger.
        I’m glad to see I can have something in common with the ‘stars’ anyway 🙂

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