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    • Besides no Mercedes win, this was a pretty ordinary and boring race. No real battle for podiums or top 5 positions. You might as well watch the qualis and go to sleep.

  1. Clearly one of Bernie’s little fixers to balance things up and remind Mercedes who’s boss. Third win for Ferrari as they predicted and a much needed publicity boost for RB when most needed to help negotiations along. Utterly bent.

  2. How could I not love this one. It lacked a real fight for first place, but for the rest it had everything – what a recovery drive of Max!

  3. great race, in the end, Vettel pipped Lewis to Senna’s race wins although I’m sure Lewis will have more than Vettel by the end of the season.

    • I thought Seb had already equalled Sennas record and the hype was that Lewis could match it in the same number of races?

      • Lewis has already missed that boat, though the media try to build crap like that up, and Lewis didn’t help himself with his comments prior to this weekend about carrying the baton for them both. Senna got his 41st win in his 158th race. He then had another 3 races with Williams, the last of which was Imola.

  4. 7.5, but rounded to an 8 vote.

    Nice to see the WDC open back up a little…

    Sebastian was outstanding all weekend and deserves his 3rd ’15 win with Ferrari, his 4th Singapore win and 42nd career victory.

    Encouraging to see, with or without Lewis’ DNF, that Ferrari have stepped up. Gives me hope for some relative parity in ’16.

    Maldonado v Button = Button’s fault imo.

    Verstappen was impressive.

    • Great summary. Without the safety cars it would have been even more boring and ordinary race. Did we see any real battles for top five positions? No.

  5. The most apt desciption I’ve every heard for a city is one for Singapore – “Disneyland with the death penalty”. It’s easily the city with the most shallow cultural experience on the planet. Nothing edgy, alternative, obscure, truly interesting or idiosyncratic to be seen at all, anywhere – it’s all been scrubbed, fumigated, expunged and pounded into submission.

    In a joint where you cop a $500 fine for spitting in the street, I think that numpty who ended up wandering around on the track won’t be heard from again.

    The race? New faces up front but we still got the familiar street circuit, line astern parade – slow-motion tyre strategy games between Fez and RB aren’t very compelling veiwing.

    Young Max pulled some interesting passes. He certainly has talent but is probably insufficently aware of his own mortality at this stage.

    • I’ve been there. If it wasn’t for 2 weeks of that infinity pool is say it’s the most soulless place in the western world. I’m actually cautious of people who say they love Singapore lol.

    • Like the comment, Roger. I also laughed out loud at Layercake’s caution about people who openly like Singapore.

      I felt the same at Monaco. It’s really quite a bland and empty sort of place. I’ve been to Singapore many times, so I share you sentiments.

      The only thing I’d add is, with enough money any place is pretty great. Singapore is a great place for wealthy people… but it’s devoid of any substance.

    • “Young Max pulled some interesting passes. He certainly has talent but is probably insufficently aware of his own mortality at this stage.”
      Max overtook as clean and save as possible. His moves were examples of totally mature overtaking. The youngster however that actually took more risk than he should was ‘legal’ teammate Carlos.

  6. Not much going on in this one to be fair. Button’s radio about the most entertaining aspect, never a good sign.

    • Yeah, Button seemed in a really good mood all weekend. I wish he had been this funny on the radio throughout his career.

      Still mixed messages about his future. Qualified and informed sources are still urging caution over the retirement story, while the usual copy & paste merchants are regurgitating it!

  7. 6/10. This was a processional race. Sure, the Mercedes cars didn’t end on podium, but the top three finished where they started. I haven’t seen a real battle for any of top five or six positions. Boring.

  8. So we know why Max was asked to let Sainz by? Was it a test to see if he would have the balls to tell them to get lost, hence proving that he is world champion material?

    • There is noting like answering your own question…Sainz had fresher tyres and the team wanted him to have a go at Perez. Supposedly, he was supposed to give the position back to Max if he wasn’t able to do it. Maybe they should have told Max that.

      • I agree with that analysis, but it also looked like Sainz had easier fights, so possibly more in his tyres.

        BUT… Tost Has now said Max was right, Sainz didn’t have the speed.
        AND… What if you do it? And the bloody fucker gets it done? You’ll look like a schlemiel. So there’s every incentive to disobey. Rather be a stubborn asshole then a schlemiel, no?

        • Todt is talking crap! He’s only saying that now to save face. Had Sainz been let through when he was supposed to, he might have gotten Perez.

          Tost is just trying to limit the backlash he would’ve gotten had he said Max was wrong to ignore a team order.

          • Clearly we know which one is his favorite son…having said that, the audio that was shared on tv was awkward for 2 reasons: we never heard Max ask “why?” And never heard the team explain to him that they would switch positions back if it failed.

  9. I guess the neutrals liked seeing no Mercedes on the podium but the race was otherwise a copy-paste of a routine Mercedes win except that Ferrari were in the driving seat this time. And everybody who felt Hamilton should have been stripped of his win in Monza will feel that justice was done since he’s had his first retirement of the season (that was bound to happen at some point anyway, the good thing is that Rosberg didn’t make him pay the full penalty).

    • I bet Nico is kicking himself that the one race where Lewis had an ‘issue’ he wasn’t able to even get on the podium. He’s not going to win but could well end up 3 wins behind in the WDC by the end of the season which won’t look great.

  10. #8 – just to see vettel continue what is essentially a perfect season. As a fan last year was tough to swallow, but i think anyone would agree that if you remove the names and look at the results a flawless season comeback pretty much shows how ’14 was a fluke and not the norm. This guy is the real deal.

    Hamilton is demonstrating what a top level driver is supposed to do in top chassis with a top team, WIN EVERYTHING! Now that many more fans have an understanding of this we can look at what vettel did for 4 years in a row with a bit more respect and perspective. We might have to start reconsidering who is the best driver in f1 ATM. Is it Lewis? Tough call. I think if lewis could string 4 in a row together there will be no doubt. Until then? Vettel is it.

    • But I thought Alonso was the best driver in F1, after all, he’s the ‘greatest driver’ of his generation…. 😳😳😳😳….

          • So basically his generation was filled with only one decent challenger and that was Kimi?…. Hmmm ok

          • fortis thats a bit unfair. To be honest his generation is filled with a bunch of names that didnt amount to anybody. Same with Vettel, same with schumacher, same with senna. Every generation has its almost rans.

            Button handled a gift of a season quite well and defended his advantage after it was sucked away by lack of development.

            Webber is like Kimi in a sense, they should have been driving in the 80’s and early 90’s.

            Kimi is clearly who you meant by only challenger and he’s going down as one of the best drivers in history no matter what.

            Massa was a world champion, he obviously suffered some serious brain trauma and has worked to get back into a healthy mental condition all the while keeping his recovery out of the press. God knows if it was lewis we’d have an instagram of every rehabilitation session in some desperate insecure attempt for love from his fans.

            Alonso comes from a strong generation of drivers and can hold his own against the new guns as well. I just hope he never wins another race 🙂 (singapore, we wont forget)

    • I don’t think people are impressed when when the expected happens – is ‘meh’ still a thing? Certainly and Hamilton certainly serves kudos but they weren’t / aren’t scrapping for their wins.

      Alonso’s rep derives from skulldragging cars further up the order than they deserve – that takes more talent than winning in the best car.

      • Alonso is well documented as being able to drive donkeys quite well. Ask yourself though, when was the last time Alonso was in the best car? That’s for a reason.

        Id rather have the guy that can drive my spaceship into planet perfection than the guy with so little sensitivity to his cars that he cannot tell when he runs over his own front wing.

        Skulldragged cars do not win championships. Development drivers do (Vettel/Lewis/Kimi).

    • I agree, I think at this stage Vettel has his nose ahead in that unofficial “greatest of his generation” tag. People refer to the “RBR years” as if it’s one continuum; but each season was very different. In particular, ’09, ’10 and ’12 were very tight, hard seasons. Even in ’11 and ’13, Webber wasn’t up Vettel’s arse. This year with Ferrari he’s been impressive too, though I’d prefer he spoke less in Belgium.

      The only one I’ve heard calling it, “one of the greatest in history… blah, blah, blah” at this stage is Button, but, his recent statements reek of motivated reasoning and hopes of an increased rep by association. Very astute and savvy is our Button, oft self-serving to such a level it’s laughable (rear-ending Maldonado and blaming it on him etc). Such things can’t adequately be called yet, I think.

      In regards to Alonso… he’ll always be that guy with enough fight to have put Schumacher to bed in ’06. It needed an Alonso type character, and a totally focused Briatore-led Renault team, to do it. In the end it was a one-off engine blow at Suzuka that killed Schumacher’s 8th title. But Alonso kept the pressure on and reaped the rewards. That title is worth a lot, in my opinion.

      • I think the title of stopping Michael’s WDC winning streak, would’ve gone to Kimi had the McLaren not been so fragile.

        • Kimi was due at least 2 more WDC. Alonso seems to always mention how close he was, his fans never let anyone forget.

          Kimi is just Kimi, knows how close he got, doesn’t care. His fans seem to be quiet on the subject as well.

          There is a reason one is the most loved F1 driver alive and the other is most likely the most hated – or most disliked.

      • I must admit it did raise a smile when this weekend the commentators were talking about what a good car the Ferrari PU now was (some even suggested it was on a par with Mercedes lol). It was like the RBR years all over again where Newey got the praise, yet in an era where Mercedes have dominated thanks to a bigger car advantage that Newey ever gave RBR I bet very few arm chair fans would have a clue about who designed the car. The whole Ferrari car praise thing was highly amusing, especially when Lewis came out in his interview and said he’d had to push harder in Singapore than any other race this season. Yep folks, when Merc won all those races it was all down to the drivers… even though their WDC leading driver admits he’s not being pushing. *nods*

  11. I don’t understand what happened to the Mercedes cars. Can someone explain? I’m not buying this tire-heating explanation. Mercedes was fast at Monaco.

    • Pirelli hadn’t introduced some arbitrary new way higher tyre pressures for Monaco though, so it could be that they just weren’t able to get the best setup. They’ve used/worn their tyres differently to Ferrari in the past (especially with SS/S tyres), so it’s just an extension of that.

      Ironic that tyre pressure regulations that were introduced as result of Vettel driving off the track, smashing into every curb and driving through all the debris blown off the normal racing line and consequently getting a blow-out have actively hindered his opponents whilst benefiting his team…

      • “Ironic that tyre pressure regulations that were introduced as result of Vettel driving off the track, smashing into every curb and driving through all the debris blown off the normal racing line and consequently getting a blow-out have actively hindered his opponents whilst benefiting his team”……

        Sounds like a repeat of 2013

        • Did neither of you pair actually watch the race at Spa? All drivers were hitting the kerbs hard. Pirelli had 60 or so cuts in the tyres that weekend, the only reason it showed on Vettels car was because he dared to run the tyres for over 70% of their apparent life span.

          • Yes we watched the race and it was one driver who was continuously abusing the track limits, guess who that was?

        • Is it? How many points did Rosberg lose for his blowout? Who went into an expletive laden interview about Pirelli after the race?

          And if I were to put on my ‘tin hat’ like ‘cough cough’ does…. Have you noticed that Ferrari didn’t really express any concerns with the raising of tire pressures? Better yet, since it came into place, they were a lot quicker in qualifying in Monza and now this weekend?

          I don’t buy into conspiracies, but just saying…

          • …Ferrari initiating random technical changes during a season – when they think they’ve a sniff at the WDC – and benefitting all of a sudden? Well, I never!

            Interesting observation, mate.

          • How come mercedes did every thing than to make clear it wasn’t because of the pressure. Why wouldn’t they be complaining harder if they’d lose their advantage because of the Pirelli issue.

          • @Bruznic

            Let’s wait and see what happens at Suzuka this weekend. If there’s a repeat of this weekend, then it’s definitely that.

            And like I said, I don’t buy into conspiracies, I was just borrowing our esteemed cough cough cough hat for a bit. 😉😉😉

          • “Have you noticed that Ferrari didn’t really express any concerns with the raising of tire pressures? Better yet, since it came into place, they were a lot quicker in qualifying in Monza and now this weekend?”

            Ferrari were free all season to run higher pressures if they wanted to so rule change or not, they could have easily run over the minimum pressure if it benefited so engineering a conspiracy to have the pressures raised because somehow they knew it would affect Mercedes, particularly at Singapore is absurd.

          • @Robert

            And no team will choose to run higher pressures than mandated. Every single team operates right on the border line of legality.

            Furthermore please read what I wrote properly, I’m not making up any form of conspiracy, as I’ve clearly stated that’s something I don’t buy into.

      • Is/was the source of Mercedes dominance the fact they under inflate the tyres? Seems odd that now the tyres are at a higher pressure and this is being checked that their dominance dissappears

        • Given that there’s a rule governing tyre pressures, I’d be inclined to disagree that they’ve under inflating their tires.

          • I meant in the past – it seems that one explanation for their fall from domination could be that the new rules around tyre pressures and camber angles does not suit their car.

  12. Mercedes Wil be back to normal speed next time round. They were told months ago to turn down their power for Singapore. The Monza tyre pressure stories were constructed to give a believable scapegoat for yesterday. F1 is not completely like WWE, but marketing is marketing – you must give the non- Mercedes fans a carrot to stop them wandering off to WTCC instead.

    Or at least that’s all a possible scenario…

  13. A pretty average race, but in the context of one of the most boring seasons in F1 for years, it was positively riveting. So I’ll give it a 7.

  14. I enjoyed the race but not as much as quali. I’d sure love to hear people banter about it on a podcast thought 🙂 I’m sure it’s been discussed here but I’m a new F1 fan in the US and am wondering if anyone can tell me if/when the next podcast will be released? Also, what other F1 podcasts do you guys listen to? (sorry to steal the thread; I just need my fix!)

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