Who was your driver of the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix weekend? This takes into account not just the race but the whole weekend. Please use the comments section to tell us why you voted the way you did.

23 responses to “Driver of the Weekend: 2015 FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE AIRLINES SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX

  1. Hard to look past Vettel. Outstanding laps in qualifying and controlled the race well. His driving was reminiscent of when he’d be comfortable at Red Bull, so things are moving in the right direction at Ferrari – irrespective of PSI’s. He looked like he was really driving the car hard into the corners and managing/initiating mid corner slip whilst booting it on the exits… something that I’ve not seen in awhile. He was very precise too, so he found that window of repeatable performance.

    Let’s hope it wasn’t Singapore-specific, but something in me is whispering that it might well be.

    • Ill give it to Verstappen as Vettel already got pole and the race win.
      I was impressed by his laptimes. especially right after he started the race 1.5 lap later than the rest of the field; he never gave up.
      His overtaking was top-notch again, no DRS-ing. To compare, the moves Sainz put on the lotus drivers pushed them off the track.
      And his tyre management was superb aswell. I think he will have the measure of Sainz for the rest of the season and has since Hungary.

  2. i gave it to ricciardo. he was driving a car that was at lest 50hp down on the ferrari yet he was able to stay with vettel and at the same time put16 secs on raikonnen. he got every ounce out of that red bull and put in an impeccable performance plus the fastest lap of the race.

  3. A wish; I wish for Max Verstappen to be in a mediocre car for at least multiple years. This would be a benefit to all current drivers. Max Verstappen in a winning car would result to be it neccessary a handicap system to be introduced.

    • Cause he drives like his ar$e is on fire. Dont know much about the lad to form an opinion of him, but his driving of the car, it reminds me of Montoya at Williams. You can visibly see the car is on the edge all the time, its brilliant to watch. Sainz is damn good too. Every generation has 2 or maybe 3 drivers that are just cut above the rest, and i do wonder if TR have found both of the of the next generation….

  4. Vettel put in a great lap on Saturday, but overall I had to give it to Ricciardo as he stayed with Vettel for the race despite Vettel anchoring him to ruin his tyres and the car being slower over a lap.

    I think Sainz deserves a mention equally as much as Verstappen.

  5. Where is the outrage by Hippo about Verstappen refusal to obey team order,isnt that a disrespect to the team and the share holders as he thought it was for Lewis.

  6. Kimi. Never made a mistake, knew his role as a nbr 2 driver and respected team “advice”, never dared to be on screen for more than 5mn total. Had a clean start. Stayed on message and was almost talkative during the post-race interview.

  7. Our Dutch friends are at it again. Sure the kid can drive, but give me a brake. He caught up with the race thanks to the safety car. Even Chilton would have done it.

    Max is a little spoiled rotten kid. And his dad needs to understand that his own carrer is over. Wait, it never had one to begin with.


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