How would you rate the 2015 Italian Grand Prix? Please use the comments section to tell us why you voted the way you did.

18 responses to “Rate the Race: FORMULA 1 GRAN PREMIO D’ITALIA 2015

  1. …and such a forgone conclusion it has become that our oracle Judge has asked us to rate early.


  2. Really awesome race! Couldn’t believe how Maldonado drove from the back to take the win. Unfortunately he crashed out all the other competitors.

  3. Wow,

    When I drove from Portugal into Spain this afternoon I knew I had to advance my watch by an hour upon crossing the bridge but I didn’t realise I now also had to add a day.

    Is this another one of The Odious Runt’s insane gimmicks?

    Seems it’s no longer safe to go to the beach for a swim in the afternoon any more without them meddling with the universe.

    What I’d like to know is how he persuaded them to shift the International Date Line to the Greenwich Meridian.

  4. I would have given it an 11 if it had been possible.

    Amazing to see Ricciardo win in the country of his father’s birth, and from a pit lane start to boot.

    And kudos to the team for their brilliant strategy. Knowing that Ricciardo was starting last anyway, to break parc ferme, sneak into the Mercedes garage and steal a PU from their competitors was some really left field thinking. Truly impressive how quick the RB was with a Merc donk strapped in the back.

    Will they be allowed to keep it for the rest of the season?

  5. Alright today, on Sunday, I gave it a six. Kimi fucked up a great possibility that for once we could see a mercedes which had to fight to get P1. Ofcourse the after race drama makes it a bit more intriguing. But after all not the best race ever…

    • I more or less agree, Bruznic. But for me, a 5 – with or without the post-race shenanigans.

      • Yeah the six was because of the fact that any time there is F1 on TV I am positive. And a 5 just is to little 😂 after all there was some racing going on. It wasn’t Russia ‘s snooze fest

        • It seemed, other than Massa/Bottas at the end, on track there was a lot video of McLaren’s grocery carts being passed, but I saw a 3 overall.
          It worries me that the scaling of quality may have been reduced to “at least it’s not Sochi”.

          • Yes that and also, “in the context of the past two seasons”, quality mitigation – something I’ve been guilty of in past race.

            No more.

            The race was barely average, and I think that’s generous. I’m not allowing Bernie and the FiA to drag my expectations of F1 so far into the gutter that I could give yesterday’s race anything more than barely average. ‘Twas near as shit a race as shit might be; silver linings doth not cut it anymore,

            (Upon reading my comment prior to clicking “submit”, it would seem I’m in a bad mood… and, I guess I am.)

  6. I have given it a 6. Kimi… Send a postcard to Santa asking for just ONE weekend without a mistake!

    There were a few interesting battles, Massa withholding Bottas, the Kimi recovery drive that was appreciated but never should have happened, and Hamilton (who I don’t like) absolutely bossing everyone around.

    Seriously, that was dominant. Like BDSM dominant. In fact, with that blonde hair, and the engine names (Mercedes, Renault, Ferrari) I bet you could cast a pretty decent adult movie.

  7. Raikkonen screwed up, Rosberg blew up, Grosjean, Maldonado and Nasr were gone in the first laps. If it wasn’t for grid penalties everyone would have finished pretty much where they qualified.

  8. i struggled to give it a 5. however the fight between ricciardo et al was worthy of something extra. overall was it ever going to be any different?

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