#F1 Forensics: Average Lap Time by Tyre and Session at #BelgiumGP

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Who was fastest when, and on what tire at SPA? The numbers don’t lie.

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7 responses to “#F1 Forensics: Average Lap Time by Tyre and Session at #BelgiumGP

    • I can see it could have some benefit but they need to leave so much space clear for visibility and driver exit that there is still a lot of scope for disaster. I can’t see this having prevented the accident to Henry Surtees for example.

      However, I think that short of a closed cockpit the only answer is a star-wars like ‘shield’ infront of the driver…

      One thing I was wondering, why do drivers still sit down to drive the car? Would there not be benefits both in terms of safety and packaging for them to lie on their front in the car? (Think Tron bike) You’d need to radically change the controls of course.

  1. Are you sure about ROS Q1 time? His first run was a 1:49 and then he did a high 1:48 for his second.

    • Hey Fortis.
      Nice Catch.
      Nico had a Scratch lap in Q1 that I mislabeled as green.
      It was bringing his ave time way up.
      I have corrected it and the table should update automatically in a minute or two.

  2. How about highlighting the faster time of each pair, to provide a quick visual indication.

    • @G F1 said “The numbers don’t lie.” True, but they also don’t tell a complete story

      @any engineer/technician/stats student “bad data is worse than no data”

      FP Average! What type of averaging? How does a ‘centralised tendency’ have any relevance during FP. What weighting for – fuel load, track temp, wind conditions, set up and new parts testing, software experimentation, which set of tyres of the same type in use, extra tyre set in early part of FP1, track rubbering in… etc. In the race things are much more complex, periodics and trends. In Q the only thing that matters is the fastest time.

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