Time to pause

schools out


Here at TJ13, we’re pausing for a while.

The project has truly come on leaps and bounds since its inception, and our recent output across the various social media platforms has been considerable.

However, my Editor in Chief Andrew Huntley-Jacobs is taking a well earned sabbatical, and we are also re-organising and allocating the resources we have at our disposal to bring you the Formula One experience of TheJudge13.com.

I too have a project I must attend to outside of F1, so will be busy for a month.

John Myburgh will be here to manage the posting of some articles over the coming weeks from out contributors, though the daily news posts with comment will pause.

Sign up for the email alerts if you wish to be notified of when we do publish anything in the near future.

If you wish to contribute in anyway to TJ13, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I expect the team to return with the new schedule of articles and audio media presentations during the week following the Belgium GP.

Thank you all for your continued support. Remember, TJ13 is primarily… of the fans… by the fans… for the fans


18 responses to “Time to pause

  1. It’s ok your honour, the place is in good hands. I am arranging a likeminded team to step up and help take care of it. So far I have Fortis, Bruznic, DWil, Cav, Hippo, Layercake and I; it’ll be a blast! Go… have a great time.


    • Fortis – Editor in Chief and OTD writer (I assume OTD dates back as far as 2007)

      DWil – Project Manager, complaints resolution committee leader and racial awareness advocate.

      Hippo – Public relations and human resources – workplace sexual harassment advisor.

      Cav – Website comments moderator. (One can assume many will be banned)

      Bruznic – Mole in the paddock, using a mission impossible face mask of the Judge.

      Layercake – Finance and “fact” checker.

      Me – Podcast host. Essentially it will be me reading various books, continuously, until I pass out drunk. I may also sing on occasion.

      • You cheeky sod!….😂😂😂…. Oh it goes way beyond 07

        Shouldn’t Cav also be responsible for the lifestyle and fashion segment?

  2. Enjoy the break, we’ll miss it but F1 world pretty much dead for the next few weeks….unless Renault make an announcement that it…😜

  3. Enjoy your well deserved beak, you have quickly become my favourite fandriven fan site of F1 fans.

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