Driver of the Weekend: FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DU CANADA 2015

Sebastian Vettel Canadian GP 2015

Last year we saw Mercedes beat themselves, handing Red Bull the win. This year they didn’t quite afford us the courtesy. Who is it going to be? Is it one of the two who romped through the field from the back? Is it Pastor Maldonado for not killing anyone? Or is it the ground-hog, who managed to outrun a McLaren? Maybe it’s Max Verstappen, because you’re Dutch, and so is he? (Sort of)

Who was your driver of the 2015 Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix? This take into account not only the race but the whole weekend. Please use the comments section to tell us why you voted the way you did.

19 responses to “Driver of the Weekend: FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX DU CANADA 2015

  1. Vettel. Completely creamed Kimi. And where’s your Danny Ricciardo now? Got booted into the middle of last week by his team mate 😉

    Sorry, had to get that one off my chest…

    • Excuse me Sir Hippo,
      Creamed Kimi!? What are you smoking?
      Kimi did doughnuts while waiting for Seb to finish jumping curbs.

        • Of course Hippo I agree with you, but I had so high hopes for the race and when he spun, it was just no no no, no more kimi next year.
          So a bit of sarc humour to light up my misery, that’s all.

          Now I will crawl back to the cave with my tail between the legs and stop commenting, thank you all for your patience.

    • Hehehe, have to say, you do sound like a fanboy here, but I’ll let you enjoy this, I think you’ve suffered enough from other fanboys on this site.

  2. Pastor of course.
    He did not crash with his team mate on pitlane or race.
    His self control is an inspiration to all of us.

  3. Got to be Pastor Maldonado amazed he could drag his big balls over the finish line.

      • The Dutch as mini-me Germans? And I thought I was being harsh on Max…

        This one has to go to Vettel. Now if only Kimi could get his s**t together…game over I’m afraid.

        • I admire both Dutch and Germans, hard working no nonsense people.
          But this is a site for entertainment so I feel free to give a jibe or two.

          I second your opinion about Seb and kimi, it was a very hard pill to swallow this sunday and time is running out for Kimi.

  4. Will Stevens gets my vote for driver of the day because of the irony of getting Romain G a pentaly for causing and accident after he publicly berated Max V for causing a collision in Monaco with him (Romain G). No similarity with moving in front of a driver and braking early there then?

  5. Valtteri Bottas, so good no one noticed him get the best from his car throughout the weekend. Once again he out-drove the whining Massa to earn a good 3rd place. He never put a wheel wrong in the race. I’ve got him down to replace Kimi next year, if Vettel is prepared to have an equal in the sister car.

  6. Driver of the weekend had to be Lewis. There was only one negative of his weekend but that wasn’t entirely his fault.

    Driver of the race had to be Vettel or Massa, both managed to drive their car from the back into a position that is more reresentative of what their cars are capable of. Vettel got a little bit more out of it than Massa but Vettel’s car is supposed to be faster so not surprising. Still a good performance from both of them.

  7. Driver of the weekend a tossup between Bottas and Hamilton, who were the only two to really deliver in both quali and race.

    Driver of the day a tossup between Vettel and Massa…. probably with the latter getting it, as I’d take the odd mark off Vettel for his clumsy move on Hulkenburg, whom he owes a beer or two for managing not to end both their races.

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