Matt’s #F1 Tech Report: Thursday Tech Montreal

Brought to you by TheJudge13 contributor Mattpt55 – the best in FIA Technical Documents looked at slightly irreverently  

Not sure if you like technical documents but are curious? Why not start here and play a little PU poker. Wonder who’s most at risk of a grid penalty for too many engines? You have come to the right place. Enjoy. Like technical documents and want more, but can’t find them anymore on the FIA site? Worry not, just check out the #TechF1 series published before each Grand Prix, right here on #TJ13.

Post Quali Tech:


Naughty Step





7 responses to “Matt’s #F1 Tech Report: Thursday Tech Montreal

  1. Hey Matt.
    Once again, thanks for the info and the laughs.
    Even though there is no mention of Gearboxes in this particular set of documents, in the spirit of tech, I would like to point out something I noticed.
    I have been reviewing all of your tech articles for the season, sorting through the data.
    Something jumped out at me.

    According to the FIA documents, Pastor Maldonado replaced his gearbox with a “NEW gearbox”:

    before malaysia
    before China
    before Bahrain
    between FP and Quali in Monaco
    and before Canada.

    This means he is on his SIXTH Gearbox.
    Can this possibly be right?

    • Isn’t one of the ‘benefits’ of not finishing that you can change the gearbox for free? So Pastor will get a new one pretty much every race….

    • Hi Tourdog unless I effed it up Gearboxes was in an earlier report. I’ve started trying to break them up by day when possible rather than have them all in one insanely long post. Clearly the answer is I should include a link to previous reports in my current one so I shall do that from now on. Thanks for pointing that out.

      And I will check and see if he got a new one but as you are entitled to replace a gearbox if you don’t finish, it’s entirely possible he could be on his 6th. Also be aware, much like last year that teams can break the seal and inspect for damage with the ability to replace both dog rings and change gear pairs if necessary.

  2. Hi Matt, is there a list of current penalty point tallys for all the drivers available? Wondering how close a reserve driver (eg Palmer) is to a one off opportunity to sub in.

    • Hi Marek there was a chart at the beginning of the season, and I believe Perez was at the top, but his points were about to roll off so no, no one particularly close unless the choose to overtake CW on track under red flags without staying to the left of the bollards going the wrong way. That might do it, LOL!!

      • Thanks Matt, will keep my eyes peeled for that later on 😉 I should have said by the way that I love reading the tech and press reports, super job 🙂

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