#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: “We Loosened It For You”


This week’s show welcomes back the Queen of V herself, Vivian Bove, and the lads were quite besides themselves with excitement. The shed was spruced, flowers were laid and there were even unfounded rumours that Spanners might have bathed for the occasion. Sadly it was not to be as the entire nation of Honduras decided to turn its internet off right at the start of the recording, so next time Queen V. Your presence was sorely missed.

Not Vivian is joined again by Anil “Nutella” Parmar, now the prettiest panel member once you get past the beard. Anil discovers that he has missed the slow cooking boat in our opener as Chief Potty Mouth AJ steps in at the last minute for Social Wonder Craig Alderson to deliver a riveting segment on the joys of the crock pot. Though in his case it’s more of a crocked pot, if you catch the drift.

Mattpt55 steps up again in the interests of keeping Spanners head level and the Host in Chief gives him (as usual) ample target for his Yankee wit.

The panel this week embarks on a delightful excursion down Memory Lane with the Montreal race in the offing, with the elderly minds of AJ and Mattpt55 drifting to Mosport whilst the youngsters show off the bright and shiny tales of the Circuit Ile-Notre Dame. The Jury get involved as well and share their own fond memories, some of which involve being at the actual race. The follow through for the race considers as well the fortunes of Toro Rosso in the form of will Max crash. Based on other Max’s performance last year the prognistication isn’t good for young Verstappen, and the panel hold a moment of silence for Max Chilton’s hair as the loss is still felt deeply in the paddock.

Much to do about Mercedes as well and the topic of engines is not entirely ignored as Spanners is forced to consider actually eating his vegetables whilst Mattpt55 considers whether engine tokens are best spent on Galaga, Missile Command, Space Invaders or Asteroids. Anil suggests that the rejoin the 21st Century and leave off with the slow cookers. Last, a deep discussion about whether Montreal belongs on the list of iconic circuits is had, which is far more interesting than it sounds as Anil was in charge.

Chaos reigns for a second straight week in the quiz, as Spanners is accused of collusion in trying to stop the onslaught of Anil’s winning streak. Find out if Anil’s appeal to the stewards is successful and play along yourself, if you dare. Hint, google Jean Alesi before listening.

This week’s Things discovers that for the first time ever, an American might have made a correct geo-political point, at least according to AJ. Don’t worry though, nought to do with South East Asia.

Thanks again to the Jury for providing an excellent stream of comments for us to accidentally ignore, we swear we’ll do better next time. Honest. And join @SpannersReady, @Mattpt55 and @FormulaEDiary during the race for the occasional live tweet or two.

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2 responses to “#TJ13 #F1 Courtroom Podcast: “We Loosened It For You”

    • Haha, yes I hear that too! I always think that too.

      “Boomshanka…” 😀

      Podcast was good; funny & informative. +1

      I laughed quite a bit at the ‘behind the scenes’ shenanigans as I watched the making of it from the Jury’s perspective.

      RE: Canadian GP

      I’m in two minds about Canada. I love the circuit. I agree with Neil the Student, then I agree with Earl Huntley-Jacobs, the Great Contrarian. It’s no Suzuka, or Spa, but it’s unique on the calendar in a calendar filled with Tilke-dromes… Sooooo, yeah… Dunno. Hmmm… *shrugs shoulders*

      It all comes down to the definition of words, like “Iconic” and “Challenging”. Damn you English language; just so basic and broad that words can mean many things and yet nothing at the same time.

      Give me the precision of Greek, or Japanese, or Hebrew any day.

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